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Consultancy for an Assessment of an Integrated Livestock Market Access Program

  • Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • Debark, Ethiopia

AWF seeks to engage a consultant to develop an assessment of the potential viability of a privately managed conservation abattoir in the town of Debark.

 AWF is interested in working with the private sector to develop an abattoir in Debark, providing market access to communities in and around Simien Mountain National Park (SNMP) in return for community adherence to proper grazing practices, grazing management plans, and park boundaries.


  • The consultant will conduct an analysis of the livestock market in Ethiopia and surrounding areas (i.e. the Sudan) to understand the key drivers of the meat markets, and the key opportunities.    
  • The consultant will review and map value chains for livestock products to identify weaknesses and opportunities for support—specifically looking at market access, value addition, and the ability to link market access to proper grazing and livestock management practices.  The consultant will provide evidence on the demand for specific meat products, and how (if possible) the livestock-rearing communities in and around Simien Mountain National Park may capitalize on any unmet market demand.
  • The consultant will also assess the private sector players in the Ethiopia livestock value chain, and propose potential partners with which to engage as managers/operators of a possible abattoir in Debark.
  • The assessment should be focused within a conservation context, and environmental impacts of potential livestock interventions should underpin the entire assessment.

Scope of Work

  • Review the existing literature on the SMNP and the livestock markets within the region (AWF can provide additional reading materials);
  • Conduct field visits to assess livestock availability, markets and market demand, and understand key challenges faced by communities;
  • Conduct a market assessment within Addis Ababa, Gondar and Debark, understanding the key supply-demand dynamics, pricing, and suppliers within the local town;
  • Meet with stakeholders in an around Debark to understand the key implementation challenges, and programs that have been undertaken in the past;
  • Work with AWF staff to assess socio-economic data and incorporate into the opportunity assessment;
  • Develop a proposed program intervention strategy to take advantage of market opportunities and reduce livestock pressures on SNMP;
  • Develop a proposed financial model on the viability of a conservation abattoir, and the requisite investment required to establish the business; and
  • Identify potential partners with which to implement any potential programming efforts.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables

  • A report including an in-depth analysis of the economic opportunities and viability for a conservation abattoir in Debark, including proposed program designs for AWF engagement.
  • Assessment of potential private sector operators/managers for the abattoir.
  • Financial model indicating potential profitability (or non-profitability), key minimum performance requirements (i.e. heads of cattle required per day), and required capital investment.
  • Findings from stakeholder consultations and a list with contact information of stakeholders consulted.

Required Qualifications and Experiences

  • A Masters level degree qualification in economic development, agribusiness, business management or related relevant field(s) with at least 5 years’ working experience in the economic development sector.
  • Considerable consultancy experience in value chain assessments, agriculture development or analysis, or other related subject areas; specific experience in the livestock sector preferred.
  • Knowledge and/or awareness of conservation and its relation to economic development
  • Understanding of the rural context; specific understanding and experience in Ethiopia or the Ethiopian highland region considered a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication and writing skills, including business writing skills in English
  • Willingness to travel to Addis Ababa, Gondar, and Debark areas of Ethiopia

Requirements to the Proposal:

The proposal, to be submitted in English, shall include:

  • A technical proposal incorporating;
  • A short description of deliverables, clear work plan (dates and activities) with a proposed methodology and full justification for procedures to be adopted;
  • CVs/Profile or details of the individual to be engaged including experience relevant to this assignment;
  • At least three referees for similar or related work done
  • B. A financial proposal indicating fees for the consultancy, including all costs to conduct this assignment (this should indicate man-days and fees including VAT)

Timeline and Other Information:

  • AWF expects this within a two month (40 working day) timeframe.
  • AWF is viewing this consultancy as an “all inclusive fee” consultancy, in which AWF shall pay a fixed fee for the outputs identified above (based upon a mutually agreed payment schedule over the course of the consultancy).  The consultancy fee indicated in the proposal should cover all costs related to the completion of this consultancy, including all travel costs and supplies.
  • AWF assumes that any consultant or consulting firm submitting a proposal has the requisite approvals to work in country.
  • AWF shall provide access to relevant project materials necessary for purposes of the assignment.

Consultants are invited to submit a proposal outlining the approach to be used in carrying out the assignment and quote for fees for the entire consultancy.  Proposals should be submitted electronically to:

Brian McBrearity                             
Director, Conservation Enterprise
African Wildlife Foundation

CLOSING DATE : September 5, 2014

AWF reserves the right to award contract at any time if a suitable consultant is identified.

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