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The Conservation Opportunities of Growth Corridors

Growth Corridors as Opportunities for Conservation in Africa

A wheel can take you forward, or it can take you backward. The direction depends on how you roll it. Growth corridors are similar to wheels in that they can take you forward or backward depending on how they develop.

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Protecting the Protectors of Africa’s World Heritage

Protecting the Protectors of Africa’s World Heritage

AWF’s Andrea Athanas is currently attending the 39th Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Everyone in the chamber stood and the room fell silent—you could have heard a pin drop. 

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Agriculture for Conservation

Conservation agriculture

A recent meeting with the Grow Africa team at the World Economic Forum brought home the urgent need to find sustainable pathways for feeding a growing global population while not mortgaging the earth. Africa is eyed for filling the gap, with low average yields per hectare, limited infrastructure, and (by some accounts) abundant 'unused' land. 

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A Decade to Reflect On…Decade to Plan For Conservation

IUCN World Parks Congress African Wildlife Foundation

World Parks Congresses come around once a decade. The last one was ten years ago in Durban South Africa. Now the protected areas community is convened in Sydney Australia. Madiba, the great Nelson Mandela, called for leadership and compassion from delegates in Durban, and launched an initiative to bring the energy and passion of youth to the table.

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The Amazing Migration of Lucky the Wildebeest

Children reading Lucky the Wildebeest book

The children’s faces lit up with excitement as the teachers handed out copies of The Amazing Migration of Lucky the Wildebeest, a story of the migration of a young wildebeest and its zebra friend from Lake Natron to Tarangire National Park in Northern Tanzania written by Monica Bond and Derek Lee.

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