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The Frontline Warriors of Wildlife Trafficking

The Frontline Warriors of Wildlife Trafficking

Dick worked his way through the luggage with methodical and focused movements and quickly identified what he was looking for—a smuggled illegal piece of ivory.  His speed and agility are the sure-fire skills that will help tremendously in combatting the illegal wildlife trade that is ravishing the wildlife populations of Africa.

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‘People Say I Lost… But I Really Won’

Opening Ceremony of the Nasaruni Banking Hall in Kimanjo, Laikipia

As a young Samburu girl on the semi-arid lands of Laikipia in northern Kenya, Jane Putonoi could not shake the deep-rooted feeling that she had to serve her community. After witnessing time and time again the irreversible effects of traditional cultural practices like early marriage and female genital mutilation on her friends, relatives and other young girls in the community, Jane fast realized that education was her only sure avenue to achieving her goal.

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New Life

Tiny baby being cradled by mother and aunt at Amboseli.

A few decades back from Carl Sagan …

“Memories of events late in the first year of life are not extremely rare, and there are possible examples of even earlier recollections. At age three, my son Nicholas was asked for the earliest event he could recall and he replied in a hushed tone while staring into middle distance, ‘It was red and I was very cold.’ He was born by Caesarean section. It is probably very unlikely, but I wonder whether this could just possibly be a true birth memory.”

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Ethiopian Wolf: A Fading Howl from the Horn of Africa

Ethiopian wolf by Chris Gordon

When we reflect upon our natal continent, our thoughts tend to coalesce around those megafaunal giants that have forever haunted the human imagination.

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Ivory and Rhino Horn Seizure Something to Celebrate?

Elephant in Mozambique

Update: Latest reports show the rhino horns seized in Mozambique have now gone missing. We will provide additional updates as we learn more.

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