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Bonobos Are Changing Their Behaviour: Why?

  • 03/13/09
  • Valentin

We are still having difficulties locating the bonobos in our research area, but we are finding their food traces of Haumania and Palisota as well as their nests a bit further afield, approximately 7 kilometers from camp.

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Collaring a Lion

  • 03/12/09
  • Paul

After two long days of searching without success, we finally found the lion. I had been out in Buffalo Springs looking there, while Shivani was in Samburu Reserve. At 6:36 in the morning, Shivani - the AWF Charlotte Fellow - had found a pair of males basking in the dry riverbed of the Ewaso Nyiro. When she finally reached me on the radio around 10:00 I rushed over, approaching from the other side of the river.

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Tracking Twins in the Wind

  • 03/12/09
  • IGCP

Jaime here. It’s an uncharacteristically warm day high in the mountains on the Southern edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park here in Southern Uganda. At over 7,000 feet (2,300 meters), the chill during cloudless nights can have a bite, and foggy mornings demand the toasty warmth of a fleece top and thick socks. This morning, as the sun peaks over the horizon, I am in t-shirt sleeves and a groggy smile (mornings have never been my forte), anxious for tracking the twins.

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New Cameras

Receiving the 20 brand new cameras is a blessing for us. I am extremely grateful for this. We are finally able to experiment further on the most efficient way to get reliable results from the use of cameras.

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Training Anti-Poaching Scouts in Amboseli

  • 03/11/09
  • Muoria

As I mentioned in my earlier post, working with local communities is crucial in our Grevy’s zebra conservation efforts. We therefore work with local community  scouts  to monitor Grevy’s zebras and other wild animal numbers, human-wildlife conflicts, poaching and other conservation related issues.

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