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Four Zambezi River Nations Make Joint Conservation Plans

  • 07/19/01

The following story was written by Singy Hanyona for the Environmental News Service (ENS)

LUSAKA, Zambia, July 18, 2001 (ENS) - The African Wildlife Foundation has launched a new regional conservation project known as the "four corners natural resource management project."

The transboundary four corners project refers to the Caprivi Strip, the only place in the world where four African countries - Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe - meet. They share the Zambezi River, one of the longest rivers in Africa.

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AWF Presents New Housing to Tanzania National Parks

  • 07/11/01

Tarangire National Park has long suffered from a severe staff housing shortage, a shortage so severe, in fact, that in some cases three families live in a single small house. Small detached buildings that were originally constructed as shower rooms and cooking areas have been pressed into service as additional bedrooms, leaving people to bathe and cook outdoors. Both parks have also suffered from a lack of fresh water supplies for park rangers and staff, especially to the remote security posts around the park.

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AWF Laikipia Predator Project covered by San Francisco Chronicle

  • 07/10/01

The following story ran in the June 17, 2001, issue of the San Francisco Chronicle:

IN PEACE WITH PREDATORS: U.C. Biologists Say People Must Learn to Coexist with Africa's Carnivores if These Animals Are to Survive


Laikipia Plateau, Kenya -- University of California at Berkeley biologist Laurence Frank is crouched disconsolately in the middle of the African bush, getting pelted with raindrops the size of seedless grapes.

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Delegates with ACYPL Meet with AWF

  • 07/09/01

The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) is an organization that conducts bipartisan international exchanges, providing emerging leaders, aged 25 to 40, the opportunity to experience firsthand the political and cultural dynamics of other countries. ACYPL facilitates more than twenty-five exchanges, enabling nearly 250 American and international political leaders to participate.

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Robinson McIlvaine 1913 - 2001

  • 06/29/01

Robinson "Rob" McIlvaine, 87, retired career diplomat, editor and conservationist, died June 24, 2001, at his home in Washington, DC.

A specialist in African affairs, McIlvaine served as Consul General in the Congo and ambassador to Dahomey (now Benin), Guinea, and Kenya. He had previously served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Lisbon, Director of the Inter-Departmental Seminar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, and Chairman of the U.S. Section of the Caribbean Commission.

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