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Bamboo Forest Landscape Restoration & Business Plan - Rwanda

  • Rwanda
  • Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in 2018 to support the Government of Rwanda’s plan to enhance Volcanoes National Park. AWF and RDB want to determine the feasibility of using bamboo for Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) mechanism and as a potential commercial opportunity for production and manufacturing in the Musanze District adjacent to Volcanoes National Park. AWF and RDB wish to understand if there is an opportunity for small farmers in the Musanze District to grow bamboo as a restoration mechanism and to generate income.

AWF and RDB want to assess: (a) restoring agricultural land with bamboo; (b) growing bamboo alongside crops; and (c) developing a commercial manufacturing business with bamboo products. AWF is currently seeking proposals from eligible consultants and/or firms to assess the feasibility of bamboo production for FLR and commercial opportunities.


AWF is seeking a bamboo expert to assess the feasibility of bamboo production for FLR and commercial production. During this assignment, the Consultant will evaluate the feasibility of bamboo production within Musanze District and make a recommendation to AWF and RDB as to how to best implement bamboo production. With the objective to restore agricultural land in the buffer zone of Volcanoes National Park, produce bamboo alongside crops and provide socio-economic opportunities to local communities, AWF is seeking a bamboo expert to help understand:

  • Viability of producing bamboo in the agricultural land in the buffer zone of Volcanoes National Park;
  • Type of bamboo recommended for growth;
  • Historical species of bamboo grown in the area;
  • Growth and harvest cycle for bamboo, FLR detailed plan including cost, timeline, area, number of people required for planting, maintenance, growth success rate;
  • Business plan for seedling development, cost, and timeline;
  • Compliance with and support of the Government of Rwanda’s bamboo strategy;
  • (#) hectares/offtake required to make bamboo production commercially viable, based on regional land holding size number of small farmers to be engaged and number of beneficiaries;
  • Business plan for commercial production including production input requirements, location, markets, how much investment is needed, types of products to be produced, market linkage and  opportunities, requirements around EPZ and exporting, and ROI; and
  • Project substantially and compliance with local, national, sectorial, international environmental and social requirements, and if not, what additional steps need to be taken in this regard.

The overall business plan should include FLR and commercial opportunities and outline specific details on how this project would accomplish FLR as well as improved quality of life and socio-economic opportunity for Rwandans.


The Consultant shall provide AWF and RDB with:

  • Interim report on bamboo production in the Volcanoes National Park landscape, Musanze District in particular, with focus on FLR, commercial production, recommendation for scale and method of bamboo production, type of bamboo, requirements for growth and commercial opportunities; and
  • Detailed business plan for commercial opportunities, including scale, investment required, area needed for production, estimate of ROI, number of staff required, market linkage, export requirements and capital requirements.


AWF and RDB are seeking a bamboo expert(s) with experience in and knowledge about bamboo as an FLR tool and commercial production of bamboo products. Prior knowledge of Rwanda is a plus.

Proposal Submission

Proposals should include:

  • Name of firm/consultant;
  • Relevant experience;
  • Proposed approach;
  • Timeline; and
  • Budget, including any and all travel and associated costs.


Bidders should submit their proposal to:

Kathleen H. Fitzgerald
Senior Conservation Advisor, African Wildlife Foundation
[email protected]

With copy to:

Euginia Oeri
Procurement Officer, African Wildlife Foundation
[email protected]

Deadline: May 26, 2019

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