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Call for Prequalification of Suppliers and Service Providers for 2020-2022

  • Kenya
  • Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A. Introduction

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is a non-profit international conservation organization that focuses on critically important landscapes in Africa. AWF Kenya Country Office is seeking prequalification of interested reputable and qualified companies that meet the below requirements for the supply and delivery of goods and services through its subsequent tender, RFQ or RFP. Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) will be shared with bidders who will have met mandatory criteria as the need arises.

B. Prequalification categories

  1. Provision of Taxi services- EOI-AWF-2019-001
  2. Provision of Hotel & Conference Facilities through Long Term Agreements - EOI-AWF-2019-002
  3. Provision of Printing, publication, branding, and corporate Gifts- EOI-AWF-2019-003
  4. Provision Customs Clearing Services through Long Term Agreements - EOI-AWF-2019-004
  5. Provision of Newspaper Adverts and Publications through Long Term Agreements - EOI-AWF-2019-003
  6. Supply of Fuel (Diesel) through Long Term Agreements - EOI-AWF-2019-006
  7. Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles through Long Term Agreements- EOI-AWF-2019-007
  8. Provision of Car Hire Services- EOI-AWF-2019-008
  9. Provision of IT Equipment Maintenance through Long Term Agreements - EOI-AWF-2019-009
  10. Supply of disperser drinking water + disposable cups- EOI-AWF--010
  11. Supply of stationery and assorted office supplies- EOI-AWF-2019-011
  12. Supply of IT, Printers and ICT equipment and consumable (Supplier must have dealership agreement)- EOI-AWF-2019-012
  13. Provision of catering services for office and corporate meetings through Long Term Agreements - AWF-2019-013
  14. Supply of Scouts supplies and related Equipment- EOI-AWF-2019-014
  15. Provision of Gardening services through Long Term Agreements -EOI-AWF-2019-015
  16. Provision of Garbage collection services-EOI-AWF-016
  17. Provision of office cleaning services-EOI-AWF-017
  18. Provision of office security services through Long Term Agreements -EOI-AWF-018
  19. Provision of sewerage treatment services-EOI-AWF-019
  20. Provision of Carwash services-EOI-AWF-020
  21. Provision of international courier services- EOI-AWF-021
  22. Provision of local courier services-EOI-AWF-022
  23. Supply of office milk supply services- EOI-AWF-023
  24. Supply of Hardware supplies (General repairs, Plumbing, etc.)-EOI-AWF-024
  25. Supply of birthday cakes-EOI-AWF-025
  26. Supply of kitchen items (Honey, sugar, salt, Milo, etc.)-EOI-AWF-026
  27. Provision of event Organizing services (Décor, Tents, Chairs, DJ Services, etc.)
  28. Supply of vehicle accessories (Bull Bars, Tires, radios, etc.) –EOI-AWF-028
  29. Supply of office carpets –EOI-AWF-029
  30. Provision of Air Conditioning Services (AC Supply and Maintenance) –EOI-AWF-030
  31. Provision of IT Cyber Security Audit Services –EOI-AWF-031
  32. Provision of Software Development Services (Website, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics) –EOI-AWF-032
  33. Provision of Security Access Control Systems (Biometric, CCTVs, Scanners…) –EOI-AWF-033
  34. Supply of smart equipment (Camera traps, Acoustic sensors, Satellite phones, GPS, Range finders, etc.)
  35. Supply and installation of VHF Radio Network (Digital VHF Repeater, Communication mast, etc.)

C. Mandatory Documentation Information

Firms are required to attach the following documents to their application:

  1. Detailed Company Profile with registered address, functional email, telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization, organogram and CVs of staff.
  2. Certificate of registration of business
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate (Must be Valid)
  4. Valid Operation and/or Trading License
  5. Articles and Memorandum of Association (it is mandatory that you submit the entire document)
  6. Audited Accounts for at least the last three years indicating the annual turnover (in case of a Joint Venture or Partnership, Audited Accounts of one of the principle partners will suffice)
  7. Official Business physical, postal, telephone and email addresses
  8. Proof of substantial contracts/orders completed in the last 18 months for the specific category you are bidding for
  9. Verifiable evidence of similar jobs successfully executed in the past (Including copies of job orders, signed delivery notes, invoices and goods receipt note for the receiving organization)
  10. Reference and recommendations from at least 5 past clients with whom your firm has done business for the category being bid for

D. Address for Submission of applications

All Submission should be addressed to: Procurement Evaluation Committee, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) on email to [email protected].

Note: Any submission made through any other address or means respectively, shall not be honored and AWF Kenya country office shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever.

E. Deadline for request for clarification and submission of documentation

Any requests for clarifications should be made in writing only and addressed to the Procurement team at the following address: [email protected] and MUST be received before or not later than November 20, 2019, 1700hrs EAT.

F. Selection criteria

ONLY companies that fully and satisfactorily meet the requirements listed in Section C above (Mandatory information and documentation) and any other criteria which the Procurement Review Committee shall deem necessary for this purpose, shall be pre-qualified and shall be invited to participate in the subsequent bidding process.

Specifically, bidder submissions will be evaluated and scored on the following criteria (to be determined from requirements listed in Section C above):

  1. Satisfactory proof of legality of company existence     30 marks
  2. Satisfactory proof of tax compliance     20 marks
  3. Satisfactory proof of adequate financial capacity     30 marks
  4. Satisfactory proof of bidder’s business worthiness     20 marks

Note: Only bidders whose submissions score a minimum of 75 marks from the evaluation will be pre-qualified.

G. Feedback to successful/Unsuccessful applicants

Successful applicants will be advised by email within two (2) weeks from date of closure of receipt of applications.

In case you submit an application form for prequalification but don’t hear from us 4 weeks after the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful; no separate or individual communication shall be made by AWF.

H. Disclaimer:

  1. This is only an invitation for prequalification and AWF may cancel the process at any time without notice. Submission of application does not result in any contractual relationship between the bidder and AWF.
  2. AWF is under no obligation whatsoever to prequalify any bidder but the decision of the evaluation committee guided by the advised criteria shall be final.
  3. The bidder is fully liable for any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of their application.


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