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Consultancy - GIS & Ecological Assessment

  • Mbire, Zimbabwe
  • Posted on Monday, February 11, 2019

I. Background

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is implementing an EU-funded project “Partnership for improved anti-poaching and compatible land use in community lands of the lower Zambezi–Mana Pools Transboundary Conservation Area”. Under Specific Objective 3, the project is establishing a Community Wildlife Conservancy (CWC) in one of the district’s hunting concessions. The aim of establishing the conservancy is to conserve biodiversity and sustainably utilise the wildlife resources for improved well-being of the resident or producer communities. To achieve this, the implementing partners including government need to understand the current biological diversity status of the proposed area, vegetation cover/habitat, population and settlement distribution. This would provide important information to be incorporated into the general management plan, environmental management plan and market analysis for the conservancy. The GIS analysis and biological assessment will be undertaken by a consultant.

II. Objectives of the Consultancy

The consultancy is to establish the following:

  • Population distribution in the proposed CWC.
  • Settlement distribution in and around the proposed CWC.
  • Current status of flora and fauna in the proposed CWC area.
  • Vegetation cover in and around the proposed CWC.

To achieve this, the consultant shall carry out a comprehensive GIS exercise and biodiversity assessment in the proposed CWC and surrounding area.

III. Approach & Methodology

The assessment will essentially be carried out in two parts:

  • Desk review in order to determine what flora & fauna species in the proposed conservancy area; thorough review of data from secondary sources, using satellite imagery, GIS and GPS techniques, IUCN Red data lists, other literature/publications, various notifications/gazette, forest/wildlife management plans and other studies, if available about the proposed area.
  • Field work and collection of primary data:
    • Details of flora & fauna;
    • Description of habitat including the breeding, foraging patterns; and
    • Consultations with forest/wildlife officials, local communities, technical amd managerial staff within the district.

IV. Outputs

The consultant will submit:

  • A GIS report with maps detailing population, settlement distribution and land-use & vegetation cover in the proposed CWC, demarcation of the proposed area boundaries and GIS maps to assist in the establishment of CWC.
  • A biodiversity assessment report which shall include details on forest/tree cover with species and girth distribution, density/crown, description of understory and middle storey flora & fauna, if any, survey of fauna including species abundance, major habitats, current distribution etc. The report shall cover distribution of species in terms of seasonal issues related to breeding and feeding ecology and geographical issues related with the movement of wild species. This report shall also identify any rare, endangered, threatened, and endemic species of flora and fauna present in the proposed CWC. The following should be inclusive:
    • A description of the vegetation occurring in, or in the area surrounding the conservancy;
    • An assessment of the conservation importance of the vegetation in local and regional terms;
    • Species checklists of flora and fauna occurring in and around the conservancy and;
    • Checklists of species known or expected to occur within the CWC, indicating protected, rare and endemic species as well as alien species, together with the probability of each species being found in the vicinity of the development sites.

V. Duration

The total time to undertake the services shall be a period of four weeks after signing of the contract. The successfulul individual must be available to commence the assignment as from March 1, 2019.

VI. Qualifications & Experience

  • It is anticipated that the assignment will require a GIS and Biodiversity/Ecology Experts.
  • A Master Degree in a Science, such as: BSc Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Degree in Ecology, or any other related fields.
  • Strong past experiences in the areas of expertise.
  • A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.

VII. Deliverables



Inception Report


Workplan or work schedule


List of deliverables with target dates


Fieldwork Report and Draft Report Outline


GIS Maps


Biodiversity/Ecological Report

VIII. Selection Criteria

The GIS and ecological consultant will be selected on the following criteria:


Academic qualification


Experience in GIS and ecological assessment work (and work in Mbire RDC an added advantage)


Team composition to include speciality in GIS and Ecological Assessment 


Interview and presentation clarifying the scope of work by the consultant


IX. Services Provided by AWF

AWF will support travels associated with this consultancy. The consultant will provide necessary equipment and material to undertake the consultancy such as computer hardware and software. They will also be responsible for any additional labor on the ground as necessary, unless otherwise advised by the client.

X. Application

  • Letter of expression of interest.
  • Proposal detailing your understanding and delivery of the task.
  • Financial proposals quoting the services prescribed in this ToR.
  • Curriculum Vitae (summarizing the applicants’ qualification to perform the services, including similar assignments, experience and availability of appropriate skills — max. 5 pages).
  • Copy of National Identification Card.
  • Attested copies of the highest relevant educational or professional certificates.
  1. Submission

Expressions of interest and financial proposals must be delivered via email no later than February 23, 2019 to [email protected] and [email protected]

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