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  • Ethiopia
  • Posted on Friday, February 2, 2018

The Simien Mountains Landscape Ecologist is responsible for all conservation science in the Simien Mountains National Park. S/he is responsible for the design, data collection, collation, storage, analyses, and dissemination of information in ecological monitoring, integrated land use zoning, climate change, and applied species research and conservation in the landscape.

The role requires participation in fundraising, policy, knowledge-sharing about the organization's work, managing programs, partnerships, mentoring as well as monitoring and evaluation of ecological work embedded in the Simien Mountains landscape.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the relevant ecological monitoring tools and methods and ensure their application in the landscape.
  • Plan and participate in the census of endemic and endangered mammals and other key species, human influences, and report.
  • Monitor the environmental impacts of key AWF conservation actions in the Simien Mountains landscape, and report.
  • Collect, analyze and report meteorological/climate data in the landscape.
  • Track and report on critical threats, habitat, land-use change, and water availability in the landscape periodically.
  • Contribute to updating AWF ecological monitoring tools and learning.
  • Share data to the AWF central repository consistently.
  • Work with park staff and other stakeholders for the implementation of grazing pressure reduction strategy.
Ensure ecological data and information feeds into the integrated land use zoning in the landscape.
  • With GIS team, undertake land use change analyses periodically and report.
  • Provide scientific information necessary for land use planning; zonation in the landscape.
  • Provide support to Land and Conservation Enterprise program areas; documenting strong conservation logic.
Undertake species conservation activities in the Simien Mountains landscape.
  • Produce a species conservation action plan to guide AWF work in the landscape.
  • Undertake applied research and management actions on priority species and report progress.
Ensure climate change science integration into the landscape program.
  • Build a basic database of climate change data in the Simien Mountains landscape.
  • Contribute to the assessment of climate change impact on biodiversity in Simien Mountains landscape.
  • Monitor and evaluate ecological impacts of different projects (climate change projects and research) in and around SMNP landscape.
Ensure effective management of resources and processes within the landscape.
  • Be active in proposal writing and fundraising for research projects.
  • Work with the Senior Land Conservation Director, Country Director, and landscape Technical Advisor and park management to support refinement of all elements of AWF’s conservation science and applications at the specific site.
  • Provide high-quality reports in a timely manner.
  • Provide relevant data and information needed for AWF’s METT program on a timely basis.
  • Implement invasive alien species monitoring plan and evaluate its effectiveness.
Undertake ecological restoration in Simien Mountains landscape.
  • Identify key sites, rationale, and methods for ecological restoration in the SMNP landscape.
  • Initiate, monitor, and document the progress of restoration at key sites in the SMNP landscape.


  • MSc. degree qualifications in ecology, wildlife management, environmental sciences, natural resource management or another relevant field.
  • 5 years practical work experience in areas of ecology, wildlife management, environmental sciences and natural resource management.
  • Direct experience of conservation or field ecological work in Africa.
  • Experience engaging partners and other stakeholder consultation in policy analysis.
  • Experience working under organizational and site-level strategies as a member of teams.
  • Verified record of participating in the design, resource management, and running of a project.
  • Fluency in spoken and written Amharic and English languages.
  • Thorough knowledge of ecological and human issues relevant to AWF’s Landscapes Program approach.a
  • Acceptable level of knowledge of local laws and regulations governing research and other ecological work in the host country.
  • Outstanding technical skills in at least one area of ecology and conservation.
  • Ability to network strategically and communicate effectively with a wide group of partners, including proactive sharing of information and reporting.
  • Significant dexterity with computer packages including MS Word, data storage, statistical analyses, reporting, and internet skills.
  • Ability to work both as part of a team ensuring ecological inputs into the program and also work independently as needed.
  • Demonstrated ability to multitask and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to fulfill mandatory AWF operations and financial procedures.

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