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Student weighs in on experience

Michael Gallagher, a student, writes for us in this post...

My name is Michael Gallagher, and I helped Nakedi put down camera traps around the Shangoni area recently. I had been in the bush before but always in very controlled areas...usually with no predators.  Here is what I learned:

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Pafuri Part 2

After 45 days, Kaizer and I go back to the Pafuri section of Kruger Park. It is great to go back and see what awaits us. I was hopeful we would get lots of leopard pictures. However, I was dreading the drive. The thought of driving 80 kilometres per day to and from the study site (and driving between camera stations) didn't sit well with me. Luckily, the people at Pafuri Camp, run by the Wilderness Safaris, offered us accommodation. This was very good news. It meant we would spend less time traversing and more time collecting cameras.

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Pafuri and plans for the year: The monster survey has began

The great Kruger Park leopard photographic survey has begun. The thought of covering the whole Park is overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. I now work with Kaizer Mathebula. Kaizer is a trained field guard and he knows the bush very well. On Saturday February 13 we arrived at the Pafuri Section, which is the northern most section of the Park. Along the way we came across a stranded man who was trying to cross into South Africa through the Park. He asked us for water but we didn’t have any and said we would take him to the authorities who would in turn help him.

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Beauty Queen on the Catwalk

We have photographed three leopards that were previously not captured by our cameras at the Singita Kruger National Park (SKNP) concession. This is in addition to other leopards in the area. Nnzumbeni together with SKNP’s guiding team and in particular Glass Marimane did a splendid job of moving cameras to areas of leopard activities..

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Eco-Schools Limpopo Province Green-Flag Award Ceremony

AWF was once again invited to the WESSA/WWF Eco-Schools Limpopo Province Green Flag Award Ceremony held in Polokwane on Friday January 22nd. Just like last year it was a great honour for me to have been part of such a great event. This also means that I must have behaved very well to be given another opportunity to attend the ceremony.

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