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Meet Nnzumbeni Tshikalange

I would like to introduce you to Nnzumbeni Tshikalange who is running the Limpopo Leopard Project for the next few months. Nnzumbeni hails from the Limpopo Province near Thohoyandou, the capital city of the former Venda. She obtained her bachelor degree in Zoology from the University of Limpopo.

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I apologise for the long pause in posting a blog. I have temporarily left the study site to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Conservation Practice offered by the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) and funded by the Panthera Foundation. WildCRU is a unit of the Department of Zoology and is led by Professor David Macdonald. The unit is based in Tubney at the Tubney House, located in the countryside of Oxfordshire approximately 16 kilometres outside the Oxford city centre.

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Washing Scat

So far the cameras haven’t captured any leopard with the new method that we are trying out. Using the biased sampling design, after three weeks (21-22 days) we had already captured three different leopards. The new method therefore must be jazzed up a little (thanks Craig!); hopefully this will influence the chances of capturing leopards. This means that we need to take things one step further, by luring the camera stations.

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The Fat Leopard

I must apologise for the long silence regarding the emergence of the fat cat. Thank you to Rob and Tionette Geddes for willing to share pictures of this lovely creature.

The leopard looks like he swallowed a three and a half metre long python.


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New Cameras

Receiving the 20 brand new cameras is a blessing for us. I am extremely grateful for this. We are finally able to experiment further on the most efficient way to get reliable results from the use of cameras.

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