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Chili peppers stop human-elephant conflict in northern Zimbabwe

Photo of four elephants in wooded area in Lower Zambezi savannah landscape

One fine morning in 2019, Chenjerai Chimukoro woke up to a herd of nearly 70 elephants in his farm working their way through his sorghum, cotton, and maize plants. He knew that he had to act fast to save what was left of the crop and ensure that his family would have something to eat come harvest time. Luckily, he was prepared.

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Lion-proof enclosures, beehive barriers, and chilies stem human-wildlife conflict

Close-up photo of adult male lion standing in savannah grassland

Bomas are traditional wooden or thorn-bush/wire mesh enclosures designed to keep cattle in and predators out. With help from African Wildlife Foundation, Tanzanian Maasai pastoralists living around Manyara Ranch have benefited from an upgrade: mobile, predator-proof, metal bomas.

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Wildlife crime cases in the fast track with new equipment, special training

Photo of a small herd of elephants in Tsavo Conservation Area

As a young lawyer, I was nervous yet excited to be stationed in Tsavo — the largest wildlife ecosystem in Kenya. This landscape carries the biggest populations of elephants in the country. Working amid this beautiful natural resource in southern Kenya is one of the reasons I took up the job with African Wildlife Foundation monitoring wildlife crime cases in the four law courts located in Tsavo.

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Rare desert elephants survive Namibia’s harshest drylands

Photo of elephant herd in the Damaraland desert landscape in Namibia

The world’s largest terrestrial mammal is also famed for being notoriously water-dependent. African savannah elephants in temperate rangelands drink water almost daily and love a mudbath to stay cool. Yet, in northern Mali’s Gourma region and the vast Namib Desert, this fascinating pachyderm survives despite the low rainfall and intense heat. These herds, aptly named desert elephants, traverse long distances in brutal arid environments with only seasonal rivers and scant vegetation for sustenance.

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Hippos, zebras return to Tanzania’s giraffe stronghold as poaching abates

Photo of lone giraffe standing in open savanna grassland in Manyara Ranch conservancy

The newcomer to Manyara Ranch was not hard to flush out. Two rangers crept around a bend toward its hiding spot — a thicket at the edge of a large pond. With a sudden rush from the foliage, the hippo flew out and into the water with a decisive splash.

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