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Member...with benefits!

  • 07/02/09
  • Erin

"Hi, Erin! I recently donated to AWF and would like to know if there any benefits that come with my donation." --Chris, Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A.

First, thank you Chris for your generous support of AWF. You are officially now an AWF member! Everyone who donates $15 or more automatically becomes a member.

Your membership will last for 12 months and is chock full of great benefits. For starters, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, African Wildlife News (AWN). This beautiful, four-color newsletter informs our supporters about AWF programs (recent stories covered Dr. Bernard Kissui’s lion collaring project, our partnership with Endangered Species Chocolate, and much more). At the end of every issue of AWN, there is a special section titled Wildlife Watch that spotlights a particular African species (that’s my favorite section, by the way). If you have never seen an issue of AWN, you may access past issues on our website.

[caption id="attachment_1280" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This year's AWF wall calendar celebrates the Year of the Gorilla and features many never-before-seen photos of the magnificent species. © AWF"]This year's AWF wall calendar celebrates the Year of the Gorilla and features many never-before-seen photos of the magnificent species. © AWF[/caption]

In addition to AWN (which mails four times a year), members receive our annual wall calendar featuring 12 magnificent African species – one per month (this year we did a special one-species issue on mountain gorillas in honor of the UN’s “Year of the Gorilla” campaign), and receive notifications about AWF events in their area.  Members can opt to receive news updates regarding African wildlife by signing up at our website.

Of course, the greatest benefit of supporting AWF is the impact you are having on conserving the wildlife and wild lands of Africa.  Thanks again for supporting us!

To learn about other ways to help AWF, please feel free to visit us here.

Wait!  Before You Go . . .
As previously mentioned, 2009 is  the Year of the Gorilla.  To honor this amazing species, AWF has dedicated its 2009-2010 16-month calendar to this imperiled great ape.  To order your copy today, CLICK HERE, or call, toll-free, 1-888-494-5354.

About the Author

Heading up AWF’s membership desk for the past eight years, Erin Keyes has amassed quite a bit of knowledge about Africa’s wildlife and unique wild lands. She’s also an expert on AWF’s membership benefits and programs. She started this blog to share what’s she’s learned and to give AWF supporters another forum for asking questions. So, if you have questions about African wildlife, AWF’s work in Africa, or all the ways you can help Africa’s wildlife and unique wild lands endure, now’s your chance – just Ask Erin.

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