Technology Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

A computer is a luxury in Tanzania, but children need technological training and access to resources today if they are to become the conservation leaders of tomorrow. AWF therefore teamed up with Annenberg Foundation to equip Manyara Ranch School with a state-of-the-art computer lab. The lab features 40 Internet-accessible desktop computers running the latest software. AWF also provided training to ensure that teachers (above) and students can make the best use of the technology. "The students and teachers are so happy with this lab," relates AWF IT Director James Mithamo. "I believe this will be a turning point for many [of them]."

Unacceptable Losses

The poaching news continues: Last month, authorities outside of our Virunga Heartland discovered an elephant, shot eight times and its head removed, on a main park road. News later surfaced that some 500 elephants have been poached in nearby Virunga National Park since 2010. Now come reports that a national park in Cameroon has suffered losses nearly as devastating, but in the course of just two months. The ivory from the Cameroon elephants is said to fund arms purchases for regional conflicts occurring in various African countries. AWF is considering conservation projects in Cameroon to try to combat these horrendous developments. Stay tuned for more.

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Habituation Helps All

Getting Pumped

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Wanted: Conservation Leaders

Bonobo habituation is progressing smoothly in the Congo Heartland. The process requires field staff to embark into the forest as early as 3 a.m. to locate and make their presence known to bonobo populations. The goal is to get closer to the great apes to make behavioral observations, but AWF Ecologist Andrew Fowler adds that other wildlife also benefit: "It has been demonstrated in scientific literature that researcher presence is a key factor in conserving animal populations," he says.

AWF has received funding from the Lundin Foundation to restore four natural water points (or watering holes) in our Regional Parc W Heartland. New water pumps will help wildlife through what is expected to be a long, harsh dry season. Camera traps have also been installed to monitor the diversity of wildlife at these points and frequency of visits. This data will assist AWF in developing a more comprehensive "Water for Wildlife" program throughout the landscape.

A well-composed photograph can provoke thought, inspire action… and be displayed in a world-famous museum! The Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards, which celebrates the beauty of nature through photography, is accepting entries for its 2012 competition. (AWF is a sponsor of the "African Wildlife" category). Enter those stunning shots you've taken on safari—and visit the Smithsonian to glimpse the 2011 winners, on display from March 30. Deadline for entry is May 7.

If you are a master's degree graduate seeking hands-on experience at a premiere African conservation organization, look no further! AWF has launched the Conservation Management Training Program, a competitive two-year training and mentorship program that exposes select individuals to all aspects of African wildlife conservation. The internship includes stints at our Nairobi, Kenya, headquarters, as well as in the field. Successful trainees receive priority consideration for open positions at AWF. Apply now! Deadline for application is April 6.

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