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If you’re like most people, you’ve admired Africa’s wildlife for years… from afar. Now, here’s your chance to see those elephants, lions, and cheetahs up close and in person! Enter the AWF Safari Sweepstakes, and come February, you and a guest could be right there among the immense herds of wildebeest and zebras congregating on the Serengeti plains. And, as part of this AWF member safari to northern Tanzania, you’ll get a chance to visit AWF flagship projects, like Manyara Ranch Conservancy, and meet AWF scientists. Don’t miss your chance to win—deadline to enter is tomorrow!

Meet Our Trainees

Back in March, we told you about our new Conservation Management Training Program (CMTP) to help develop the skills of talented young conservationists. Our three CMTP trainees—Sam, George, and Theo—started with us in August, and over the next two years will learn the ins and outs of AWF’s projects across Africa. Upon completion, the trio will have the practical skills and training to become leaders in African conservation. “I doubt chances to explore, learn, and grow like this come twice in a lifetime,” said Sam, pictured above right with George. Get to know the trainees, and follow their adventures through their blog posts.

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Collaboration Amid Conflict

Balancing Commerce and Conservation

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Locals on either side of the border are not letting the M23 rebel situation or related media reports about the Congo–Rwanda tensions stop them from working together. To reduce crop raiding by forest buffalo in the Virunga Massif, Congolese and Rwandan communities worked with AWF partner International Gorilla Conservation Programme to dig a trench to reinforce an existing stone buffalo wall. This project, which will reduce human–wildlife conflict in the area, is being applauded by communities in both countries.

Last year, AWF created African Wildlife Capital, a company that provides financing to African enterprises that can also have a positive conservation and livelihood impact. Our new for-profit subsidiary takes AWF’s work to new levels by doing more, in more places, to help more people. So far, AWC has invested in three projects that demonstrate a balance between conservation and commerce and empower people by providing them with good livelihoods that place less pressure on the environment.

Being a nonprofit doesn’t mean we can’t also be on the cutting edge: AWF is constantly working with new platforms and exploring technologies to better engage our supporters. Last month, for example, we partnered with WildAid, WWF, and TRAFFIC to bring you a Google+ Hangout centered on rhino conservation. Our experts discussed the rhino poaching epidemic, presented solutions, and answered questions from the audience. As new channels develop, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

The pangolin is a nocturnal, solitary mammal that has artichoke-like scales covering its body. Pangolins use their scales to protect themselves against predators by rolling into a ball, and infants will slip under the mother as she rolls up if they’re feeling threatened. This interesting animal prefers to feed on insects and uses its keen senses of smell to locate nests. How is the pangolin able to grind its food despite not having any teeth? The first person to answer correctly on Facebook receives an AWF fleece blanket.

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