Meet Leslie Wainger: Serengeti Safari Sweepstakes Winner

More than 7,000 people entered our Safari Sweepstakes last fall to win a safari to the Serengeti in February 2013. We’re happy to announce our lucky winner, Leslie Wainger! A self–professed animal lover, Leslie has quite a menagerie at home and, in addition, volunteers at her local zoo and animal shelters. Now, she’s very much looking forward to making the acquaintance of some African animals—everything from the “Big Five” to the “Little One Hundred.” Leslie says her life has already been changed since receiving the big news from AWF. Find out how in her blog posts.

Going Ape for Chocolate

For the third time, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) has selected AWF as a 10% GiveBack partner. We were chosen after an intensive selection process and will receive 5 percent of ESC net profits or a guaranteed contribution of $10,000 annually. The contribution will advance AWF’s priority species conservation programs, including the new African Apes Initiative. This initiative allows AWF to expand beyond our mountain gorilla and bonobo work to partner with primatologists and other stakeholders on conservation of all four of Africa’s great apes. All of Africa’s great apes are endangered or critically endangered.

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Conserving the Grevy’s

Warrior Olympians Compete to Conserve

Bright Funds

AWF Trivia

The Grevy’s zebra’s populations numbered at about 15,000 in the 1970s but are currently down to 3,000—an 80 percent decline. Kenya Wildlife Service recently completed a management strategy for the Grevy’s zebra, which helps ensure that Grevy’s zebra populations increase by mitigating threats to their survival. AWF has already engaged scouts to monitor and protect wildlife such as the Grevy’s in the Samburu Heartland, but will be evaluating how best to align our future efforts with the management strategy.

The Maasai Olympics, created to replace the Kenyan tribe’s tradition of lion hunting and provide a pro-conservation way of observing Maasai warriorhood, took place Dec. 22. AWF was a sponsor. More than 100 athletes from four warrior villages (representing a community of about 80,000 Maasai), competed in five events based on Maasai warrior skills, such as javelin, 200-m sprint, and high jumping. Kenya’s Minister of Internal Security called it the greatest celebration of Maasai culture he had ever attended.

At the end of 2012, AWF launched a partnership with online giving site Bright Funds. The platform aims to diversify giving and provide busy donors with credible, top–tier nonprofits, as determined by research done through Givewell and Charity Navigator. Through this innovative giving platform, supporters like you will be assured that your contributions go to nonprofits doing good work in the field. We are excited to be part of the Environmental Fund, along with nine outstanding organizations.

An unprecedented number of rhinos poached were poached in South Africa in 2012—668 total. The growing numbers show poachers’ increasing sophistication and militarization. The challenge is not insurmountable, however, according to AWF CEO Patrick Bergin. In addition to our ongoing programs, AWF recently gave a $50,000 grant to Great Fish River Conservancy to protect the black rhino. What country is the conservancy located in? Be the first to answer on Facebook and win an AWF fleece blanket.

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