Show Joy for Lions and AWF

AWF’s lion conservation work is now featured in the popular social game, Joy Kingdom. In the months of March and April, AWF, along with one other organization, will be featured in this Facebook game endorsed by Ellen DeGeneres. Players will encounter a variety of adventures that will allow them to help animals in the real world. When users play Joy Kingdom for free, the “joy” they collect in the game is converted to actual donations for the organization of their choice. Pick AWF as the recipient of your “joy” and help us—and lions—win!

Forest Elephants Going Extinct?

A new study in the scientific journal, “PLOS ONE,” predicts looming extinction for forest elephants if current poaching trends continue. According to the study, which was funded by AWF and other conservation organizations, a staggering 62 percent of all forest elephants have been killed for their ivory over the past decade. “What is happening to forest elephants is a frightening preview of what could happen to all of Africa’s elephants if we do not act now. What we collectively do over the next several years may mean the difference between saving this species or losing it entirely,” said AWF CEO Patrick Bergin.

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Wildlife of the Feathered Kind

AWF Urges Africans to Take a Stand

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AWF Trivia

When we talk about African wildlife, oftentimes the megafauna steal the scene. But Africa is also home to one of the largest, most diverse bird populations in the world. About 2,500 different species of birds can be found in Africa’s wild lands. From the hornbill to the Fischer’s lovebird, each one is a sight unto itself. Visit our Facebook bird gallery to learn more about them.

As the CITES conference draws to a close, AWF calls on Africans to stand up for their national heritage and join in the fight to end illegal wildlife trafficking. “We cannot let criminals intimidate our communities and steal our resources,” says Kenyan Philip Muruthi, AWF’s chief scientist, who is at the conference. “If we, as Africans, are not first in line to protect our heritage, we are in danger of losing it forever.”

It’s that time of year. Renew your AWF membership today to ensure that you continue to support African conservation and receive our 16-month wall calendar featuring stunning photos of African wildlife—taken by Nature’s Best photographers. AWF is committed to ensuring that Africa’s wildlife and wild lands endure through our work with sniffer dogs, conservation schools, wildlife scouts, and more. Support our work and make a difference for Africa.

The dwarf mongoose, which can be found in AWF’s Kazungula Heartland, is a feisty creature. This small animal, weighing close to 1 lb. and measuring about 1 ft. in length, is known to feed on rodents and venomous snakes—and can even help control rodent populations! What are three other foods in the mongoose’s diet? Be the first to answer correctly on AWF’s Facebook page and win an AWF fleece blanket!

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