Continuing the Fight Against Poaching

With poaching levels on the rise, AWF is continuing to ramp up critical efforts to protect Africa’s treasured wildlife. While the situation is urgent for key species, like rhinos and elephants, it is not hopeless—in fact, with your help, we’re winning battles along the way. Donate today to help us continue our success. Thanks to your support so far this year, we’ve been able to purchase motorbikes for rangers to better protect rhinos from poaching in South Africa, help Kenya Wildlife Service purchase 10 new sniffer dog puppies to stop wildlife criminals, and contribute to a legislative initiative to increase penalties for wildlife crime, in addition to our ongoing programs.

Vampires and Rhinos

Although you may know her as bloodthirsty Pam on the hit HBO show, “True Blood,” in real life, Kristin Bauer stands up to bloodthirsty poachers. The actress joins AWF and WildAid and a group of international stars, including actress Li Bingbing and basketball great Yao Ming, to bring awareness to the atrocities of wildlife crime. With a total of 408 rhinos killed so far this year in South Africa alone, it is now more important than ever to bring widespread awareness to the realities of wildlife crime and halt the rhino horn demand that is leading to this terrible bloodshed.

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Wild at Heart

Fishing for Futures

Special Report on Africa

The Best of the Best

Though it receives less attention than larger, more famous carnivores—like leopards and lions—the African wild dog needs as much, if not more, of our help. That’s because this cunning and resourceful animal is also endangered. Andrea Broad, a George Mason University student who recently visited Africa and AWF’s headquarters with her class, says the wild dog captured her heart at first sight. She and her peers shared their thoughts on Africa’s wildlife on AWF’s blog.

AWF launched pilot project to help households dig their own fishponds nearby our Mwandi Fish Farm (previously called Inyambo). Like Mwandi, whose incomes will fund community development projects, this effort enables households to establish secure and sustainable livelihoods at the individual level while further reducing dependency on, and overfishing of, the Zambezi River. Already, Mwandi has successfully released 50,000 fingerlings into the Zambezi River and allowed the community to sell an additional 50,000 fingerlings.

Did you know that cell phone use has skyrocketed 103% in three years in Africa or that the illegal wildlife trafficking industry is valued at US$10 billion? With so much happening on the continent, you’ll want to check out our Special Report on Africa, brought to you with help from our friends at Africa Geographic (AG) magazine. Learn about the latest conservation challenges—and why AG founder Peter Borchert still has hope for the future.

On June 7, AWF honored the 2012 winner of the “African Wildlife” category, Ben Cranke, during the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards reception. In addition to Ben, there were 12 highly honored photographs in our sponsored category. Which photo do you like best? Visit us on Facebook and “like” your favorite, and we’ll announce the fan favorite next week! And, stop by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History to view all the Nature’s Best Award winners.

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