United States Stands with African Wildlife

This month started out with great news for wildlife: On July 1, U.S. President Barack Obama announced during his visit to Tanzania that he signed an Executive Order to enhance U.S. government efforts to combat illegal wildlife trafficking. The Order gives $10 million in assistance to African countries to combat wildlife crime and enhances regulations that directly affect elephants and rhinos—two critical victims of poaching. “Wildlife trafficking doesn’t affect just Africa and Africans,” said AWF CEO Patrick Bergin. “AWF welcomes the decision of the U.S. government to strengthen its partnership with African nations and stand against illegal wildlife trafficking.”

Celebrating Gorilla Births

Every year, Rwandans come together for Kwita Izina, an annual celebration and naming of infant mountain gorillas. This year’s ceremony, held on June 22, celebrated 12 infant gorillas and one family. Held in the foothills of the Virunga mountains, Kwita Izina brought together more than 5,000 residents of the Musanze District and visitors from around the world, under the theme, “Celebrating Nature, Empowering Communities.” Rwandan communities are closely connected to mountain gorilla conservation and are instrumental in their protection; events like Kwita Izina reinforce the importance of the species to Rwanda and the need to continue conservation efforts.

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A Photographer Turned Writer

Banking Remotely

A Wild Film Competition

Exclusive Access to AWF CEO

Photographer Billy Dodson has a long history with AWF. He has generously shared his stunning images of Africa and African wildlife with AWF, and we, in turn, have shared them with you in our publications and calendars and through social media. Last month, Billy traveled to South Africa with AWF staff and visited our projects, like Great Fish River Nature Reserve and Hluhluwe iMfolozi. This time, in addition to his first-rate photos, he blogs about his experience.

In 2011 AWF began working with the failing Nasaroni Village Bank, providing training and a business plan. Today, the bank has more than 1,000 members—up from just a few hundred prior to AWF’s involvement—and KSh 6 million in capital. In communities where wealth is typically measured in cattle, the bank ensures that communities can weather crises and continue improving their daily lives. “The bank is a hidden gem in rural Kenya,” says AWF’s director for conservation enterprise, Brian McBrearity.

In April we launched our WILD to INSPIRE short film competition with Nat Geo WILD and Sun Valley Film Festival, and in three short months, on Oct. 1, all entries will be due. Filmmakers and nature enthusiasts, don’t miss your chance to inspire audiences with your documentary! You can win an apprenticeship with a National Geographic filmmaker in one of AWF’s project landscapes, capturing the beauty and the wild nature of Africa.

From wildlife trafficking to the modernization of a rapidly changing Africa, AWF CEO Patrick Bergin discusses the most pressing matters facing Africa. And we’re now making his insights available to you. Get exclusive access to these CEO webinars, where Patrick talks about AWF’s projects and goals, as well as the critical issues affecting the African continent. If issues of Africa and African conservation are important to you, you won’t want to miss this.

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