CEO Appointed to Advisory Council

In July, President Obama signed an Executive Order to enhance U.S. Government efforts to help combat wildlife trafficking and poaching. Among other provisions—like US$10 million in assistance to African countries for anti-poaching efforts—the order established an Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking, whose members were announced Sept. 9. Among those appointed was AWF’s own CEO Patrick Bergin. “I am honored to be asked to sit on the Advisory Council and to be able to play a role in helping the United States lead on this very important issue of putting a stop to the illegal wildlife trade,” said Bergin.

Your Next Safari Could Be On Us

One lucky winner, and guest, will soon get the chance to travel with AWF on an unforgettable safari through Tanzania! Last year’s winner is still in awe about her firsthand experience with Africa’s treasured wildlife. “My real life continues, but sometimes I stop and marvel, ‘I went to Africa,’” said Leslie Wainger, the AWF member who received the call announcing her windfall last November. Like Leslie, this year’s winner will take an unparalleled trip that includes viewing the calving season on the Serengeti, exploring the Ngorongoro Crater, and visiting AWF’s Manyara Ranch Conservancy.

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Sport Fishing and Elephants?

The Women Behind Conservation

The Elephant Girl

A Rhino Thermometer

AWF recently celebrated the opening of Machenje Fishing Lodge, a community-owned conservation enterprise in Zambia. The sport-fishing lodge, visited last month by Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, is the product of an innovative partnership, brokered by AWF, between the Sekute Chiefdom and a private sector operator. In an area where employment is scarce but elephants are many, this model provides jobs and revenue to the community in exchange for its protection of land—allowing the world’s largest elephant population safe passage throughout the region.

AWF, through the USAID/ Uganda Tourism for Biodiversity program and in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park—reputed to be one of the most beautiful in Africa. As part of the anniversary celebration, AWF and UWA recognized 10 Women in Conservation Leadership for their contributions to conservation in Uganda. The recognition is part of a broader effort to encourage women to become involved in conservation careers.

Nothing to do with the famous 19th century “Elephant Man,” the “Elephant Girl,” nicknamed by Jane Goodall, is a young Chinese conservation activist. Celia Ho’s passion for conservation was ignited when she read “Blood Ivory,” a National Geographic article about illegal ivory and elephant poaching. She has since taken it upon herself to educate others, especially Chinese youth, about the horrors of elephant poaching through her poster campaign. Recently, Celia wrote a blog for AWF detailing her fight for elephants.

It doesn’t measure their temperature; rather, the rhino thermometer rises every time a rhino is killed, which is more and more frequent lately. “On our drive out of a reserve we see two rhinos peacefully grazing. These enormous, prehistoric creatures have thrived for centuries. We watch as they eat, in silence. A rhino was poached that morning in the same reserve,” writes AWF’s VP of conservation strategy, Kathleen Fitzgerald, in a heartfelt ode to rhinos and their ranger protectors in AWF’s blog. “Watching these rhinos now feels different, sacred.”

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