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AWF Newsletter   February 2014
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Jackie and Spike PSA
  Jackie Chan's War Against Poaching

Actor, martial artist, and activist Jackie Chan is fighting for a different reason these days: to combat poaching. The popular actor teamed up with Spike the rhino in our latest video with partner WildAid. The public service announcement, "Tools of the Trade," which is available in English, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, was launched as world leaders came together to discuss solutions to end wildlife crime, at the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade. "If you are buying rhino horn you may be paying for more than just the are paying for the life of a beautiful creature," says Chan.

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  U.S. to Ban Ivory

The U.S. government unveiled its new National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking, which includes a ban on ivory and rhino horn, on February 11. As one of the world's largest markets for illegal wildlife products, the U.S. sets an example by passing harsher regulations. "We stand ready to work with the U.S. government… in the fight to combat the multi-billion dollar, criminal wildlife trade," says AWF CEO Patrick Bergin.

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  By supporting AWF, you are helping us fight wildlife trafficking in countries that are major importers of illegal wildlife products.  
Virunga Mountain Gorilla Ranger Killed
  AWF's vice president honors the sacrifices of a heroic gorilla guardian and celebrates the work of all rangers

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Conservation Lodges and Capitalism
  Conservation lodges are bridging the gap between tourism and sustainability to bring benefits to wildlife and people

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Nasaruni Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization height=
  Access to financial services gives women in Kenya access to new opportunities for their families and their futures

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Wildlife Camera Traps
  Hidden camera technology helps AWF's researchers study Africa's most elusive creatures

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Jackie and Spike
A Dynamic Duo

Share our new anti-rhino horn video starring Jackie Chan and Spike the rhino.

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Fun fact: Aardvark
  Fun Fact

The aardvark, a pro at finding termites, can dig 2 feet in 15 seconds.
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Photo credits: Vern Evans Photography for WildAid, Sharon Haeger, Maryke Gray, Philippe Clairo/, Brian McBrearity, Kelly Boyer Department of Anthropology Iowa State University, Nigel Dennis