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AWF Newsletter   April 2014
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Focus on Apes
  Spotlight on Africa's Apes

The African continent is home to four of the world's five great apes—and all four are endangered or critically endangered. "Great apes usually do not receive as much attention as some of Africa's megafauna, but they face just as many threats, ranging from habitat loss and fragmentation to the exotic pet trade," says Jef Dupain, technical director for the African Wildlife Foundation's great apes program. This month, as part of its African Apes Initiative, AWF brought to light the challenges, and successes, in great ape conservation by gathering the foremost ape researchers, scouts, and wildlife authorities in Kinshasa, DRC to address these issues.

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  Birds and Chocolate

Our friends at Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) are always mixing up new and delicious chocolaty creations that taste good and make you feel good, too. ESC's newest concoction, the filled bar, carries with it their 10% Giveback Promise, which goes to support AWF and other conservation partners. Get your hands on the Sea Salt & Lime Crème bar, which features the beautiful Fischer's lovebird—aptly named for the strong bonds formed between mating pairs—on the wrapper.

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  The cheetah's habitat is 25% of its former size. With your support, AWF is working with communities to give cheetahs safe spaces to live.  
Belgium ivory crush
  Belgium publicly condemns ivory trade by destroying its stockpile, as the EU prepares strategy to combat wildlife trafficking

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Nature's Best Photography Contest
  Calling all outdoor and conservation photographers, the Nature's Best Photography Competition is accepting submissions

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Linking Conservation and Tourism height=
  Where there is wildlife, there is opportunity for communities, through AWF's conservation tourism lodges

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Beyond the Building Ilima School
  AWF's Conservation Schools are more than schoolhouses; 'Beyond the Building' shows you impacts to children and community

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Amazon Smile and AWF
Give as you shop

Make AWF your charity of choice and Amazon Smile will donate a portion of the sale to to AWF.

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Fun fact: Bush baby
  Fun Fact

In a series of leaps, the tiny bush baby—roughly the size of a squirrel—can easily cover 10 yards in seconds.
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