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AWF Newsletter   May 2014
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Hong Kong Ivory Burn
  Hong Kong Begins Destroying World's Largest Ivory Stockpile

This month, Hong Kong held the first of a series of ivory burns that will culminate in the destruction of its record-breaking 29.6 metric ton stockpile, making it the world's largest ivory burn. As one of the destination points and transit hubs for illegal ivory, Hong Kong is signaling with the May 14 burn that ivory is more valuable on living elephants than as trinkets and decorative carvings. "Too frequently we see news stories about tons of ivory being seized in Hong Kong," says Chris Lee, AWF's trustee and Hong Kong native. "It's a constant, grisly reminder of just how many elephants are being killed in the name of ivory worship. I am glad to see Hong Kong taking such a strong stance and raising awareness."

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  Ape App

It's not an app for apes, but rather, an app that will connect the public to our closest cousins. The Great Apes Survival Partnership, an AWF partner, created the apeAPP to help people understand great apes—including bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans—and have the rare opportunity to have a direct link to on-the-ground conservation work done to ensure their survival. AWF is featured in the bonobo section, where you can learn about our African Apes Initiative and hear from the technical director for our great apes program.

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  With your help, AWF is protecting lions, a major tourism attraction. If the species falls into extinction, communities would be left in poverty.  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service places southern white rhino on Endangered Species List
  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service places southern white rhino on its Endangered Species List, given Africa's poaching epidemic

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Technology for wildlife conservation
  Technological innovation helps conservationists protect wildlife from crime, and even conduct crime scene investigations

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Orphaned elephants
  Elephant poaching is a global issue—take a few moments for an iconic species that has roamed this earth for millions of years

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AWF Works in Cameroon
  AWF becomes the only officially recognized conservation partner in Cameroon's UN World Heritage Site, the Dja Biosphere Reserve

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AWF Ivory Pledge
Share for Elephants

Tell the U.S. that you support a ban on ivory by signing AWF's petition today.

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Fun fact: Hedgehog
  Fun Fact

Hedgehogs, although tiny, have a big appetite; they will eat one-third of their total body weight in one night.
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