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In Memory of Satao
  In Memory of Satao

One of Kenya's oldest elephants, Satao, a 45-year-old bull recently succumbed to poaching. Targeted for his enormous tusks, which could be seen even by aerial patrol, the iconic elephant was a symbol of hope for the world's remaining elephants. "Satao was one of us...Kenyan," says African Wildlife Foundation's senior director of conservation science, Dr. Philip Muruthi. Satao had survived a previous attempt on his life by poachers, but was not so lucky when the poisoned arrow pierced his side this time. "In a matter of minutes, and with nothing more than spears and arrows, a magnificent 6-ton being can be wiped out forever," says Muruthi. Inspired by Satao's memory, and to help AWF enhance critical anti-poaching efforts, a pair of generous AWF donors has set up a $20,000 matching gift challenge—and they're inviting you to join them.

> Give by 6/30, and your gift will be doubled
  Vietnam Denounces Rhino Horn Use

Vietnam's Ministry of Health recently confirmed rhino horn has no medicinal effect on cancer. This decision could not come at a more critical time for rhinos: South Africa alone has lost more than 442 rhinos this year to poaching—an unsustainable rate of almost three rhino killed per day. "Vietnam's Ministry of Health deserves credit for addressing this falsehood straight on," said Dr. Patrick Bergin, African Wildlife Foundation CEO.

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  Donate by 6/30 in memory of Satao, Kenya's iconic elephant bull, and your gift will be matched.  
Presidential Council Makes Recommendations on Combating Wildlife Trafficking
  AWF CEO and members of the U.S. Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking recommend ways to combat wildlife trafficking

> Learn the plans
Great Fish River Rhinos
  The first-ever World Giraffe Day will be held June 21! In celebration of this amazing creature, watch and share our aerial giraffe footage

> Watch the video
Ensuring a Legacy for Elephants
  We have the potential to stop the illegal ivory trade and protect the world's elephants—AWF's CEO explains how

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REDD+ to Achieve Conservation Goals
  REDD+ projects are building ecosystem and human resilience to the harmful effects of climate change in Africa

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Vote for AWF
Vote for AWF

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Fun fact: African Wild Dog
  Fun Fact

In African wild dog society, both females and males share in child-rearing chores, including babysitting and feeding.
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