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AWF Newsletter   September 2014
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Richard Branson Joins AWF Rhino Campaign
  A Knight Fights for Africa's Wildlife

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has teamed up with African Wildlife Foundation and WildAid to bring awareness to the horrors of rhino poaching. Rhino horn is in high demand in Asian markets, such as Vietnam, where it has been falsely touted as a miracle cure for a variety of human diseases. Branson joins a roster of passionate celebrity supporters, including Li Bingbing, Yao Ming, Edward Norton, and Jackie Chan, who are helping us educate the world on Africa's poaching crisis and stop the demand for wildlife products. "Africa's rhinos are facing a real crisis," says Branson. "We need your help now to raise awareness and reduce demand...before it's too late."

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  AWF Opens School

During last week's Clinton Global Initiative meeting, AWF and MASS Design Group announced the opening of Ilima School in the Democratic Republic of Congo—following up on AWF's commitment to build a series of "conservation" schools. "Investing in education can disrupt the cycle of poverty and resulting environmental degradation that goes with it," AWF CEO Patrick Bergin said.

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  Even a small gift can make a big difference. Make a monthly pledge and protect wildlife year-round.  
Bonobo Rangers
  Meet the rangers who are risking their lives to protect the continent's animals

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Conservation Technology
  Mobile technology hasn't just changed the way we communicate; it's changed conservation

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China's Carving Factories
  China takes new steps in the fight for Africa's wildlife, says AWF's CEO Dr. Patrick Bergin

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New Zealand Ivory
  African Wildlife Capital revolutionizes investing by connecting economic benefits to conservation

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Edward Norton Elephant PSA
A wildlife superhero

Edward Norton played the Incredible Hulk in a movie, but he's a real-life superhero for wildlife. Share his new video.

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Fun fact: Serval
  Fun Fact

The beautiful serval has the longest legs of all cats—relative to its size, and they allow it to jump up to 10 feet high.
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