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AWF Newsletter   October 2014
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Apes in Crisis
  Apes in Crisis

The illegal wildlife trade is a booming, multi-billion dollar business. While the world has been focused on the plight of elephants and rhinos, other species have been suffering in the shadows. Great apes, in particular, have been subject to a criminal trade driven by status and wealth. According to recent estimates, as many as 22,218 wild great apes were lost between 2005 and 2011. At Friday's meeting of the U.S. Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking, a representative of AWF testified on the ongoing African ape crisis. "The capture and trafficking of live apes to domestic and international markets undermines the stability of ecosystems and economies, encourages societal corruption and enriches a shadowy trade network of criminal syndicates," said Jef Dupain, AWF's great apes program director.

> Learn the hard truth about ape trade
  Test Your Knowledge

Are you a lover of all things African wildlife? Do you know all there is to know about rhinos, elephants, gorillas, and more? The more educated you are on the problems facing today's wildlife, the better equipped you will be to fight poaching. Take our poaching quiz today to test your awareness of the issues.

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  Africa's wildlife is in crisis, and with your support we can decrease demand, stem trafficking, and put a stop to the killing.  
Limalimo Lodge Community
  Our impact investment company breaks ground on a conservation lodge in Ethiopia, providing employment for the Limalimo community

> Meet the people of Limalimo
Kolo Hills Biodiversity
  AWF ecologists studied the tallest trees to the smallest creatures during a biodiversity survey in Kolo Hills—a critical climate change area

> Learn what they found
Congo Shipping Project
  Communities are increasing revenue, and relying less on natural resources, as a result of the successful Congo Shipping Project

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Endangered Species Chocolate
  If you're preparing for Halloween, consider sustainable chocolate that benefits wildlife from Endangered Species Chocolate

> Taste the delicious difference
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Fun fact: Bat Eared Fox
  Fun Fact

The bat-eared fox is a lean, mean, termite-eating machine. It consumes up to 1.15 million termites per year.
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