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AWF Newsletter   December 2014
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Kathryn Bigelow’s Last Days of Ivory
  Oscar-Winning Director Tackles Ivory Trade

Academy Award-winning director, Kathryn Bigelow, teams up with African Wildlife Foundation and conservation partners to fight the illegal ivory trade and the terrorists who profit from it. "Last Days," a short animated film focused on ivory-funded terrorism, premiered alongside the launch of Bigelow's new website, which aims to bring the ivory trade and individuals who profit from it out of business in order to protect both elephants and innocent people.

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  Only Five Remain

Angalifu, the San Diego Zoo's 44-year-old northern white rhino, died from old age on December 14. His passing leaves just five of his kind behind in the world, bringing the species even closer to extinction. As we mourn this loss, AWF is urgently responding to the threats faced by the southern white rhino to ensure it does not meet the same fate.

> Learn about our rhino work
  The clock is ticking…Make a gift to protect Africa's endangered species now, and you'll receive a 2014 tax deduction.  
  AWF and other leading conservation groups join forces to protect World Heritage sites from mining and oil extraction

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Ivory trafficker caught
  Zambia Wildlife Authority, an AWF partner, arrested an ivory trafficker wanted by INTERPOL for crimes against wildlife

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Maasai Olympics
  Maasai warriors abandon traditional lion hunt, turning toward conservation during the 2014 Maasai Olympics

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Jiko stove
  In a country where 80% of the population relies on charcoal and firewood, AWF is providing energy-and cost-efficient stoves

> See how we're improving livelihoods
Briana Evigan for Africa's Elephants
Step Up for Elephants

Actress Briana Evigan joins AWF’s Crowdrise Holiday Challenge to save Africa's elephants. Join her.

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Fun fact: Jackal
  Fun Fact

Jackal pups rely wholly on their mothers for food for the first 2 months of their lives, but at 6 months they begin hunting independently.
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Photo credits: Last Days of Ivory, Stephen Ham, James Weis, ZAWA, Peter Chira, AWF/Nairobi Community Media House, Billy Dodson