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AWF Newsletter   January 2015
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Li Bingbing Ivory PSA
  Actress Li Bingbing Stars in Haunting PSA

As the poacher's bullet hits actress Li Bingbing, she transforms into a fatally wounded African elephant before falling to the ground where she lies surrounded by her mourning elephant children. In "Hunted," our newest public awareness ad, with partners WildAid and Save the Elephants, the "Transformers" and "Resident Evil" actress changes into a hunted elephant, putting the realities of poaching into perspective. In partnership with Wanda Cinemas—China’s largest movie theater—the video is playing during previews on 1,300 screens across 150 theaters. In coordination with the video's launch, Li also urges her countrymen and women to go ivory free via billboards and signs erected at 107 locations in three major Shanghai and Beijing airports.

> Watch the heart wrenching video
  Wildly Inspired

Filmmaker Dan Duran dreamt of traveling to Africa and documenting the continent's natural treasures. When he won the first WILD to INSPIRE filmmaking competition, hosted by Nat Geo WILD, AWF and Sun Valley Film Festival, that dream came true. In December 2014, he traveled to AWF's Manyara Ranch in Tanzania and shared his adventures in his travel diary.

> Read his stories
  Yearly, 8 percent of Africa’s elephant population is poached. It’s only with your support that we can reverse this alarming trend.  
Ilima Conservation School
  AWF's Ilima Primary School is more than just a building to its students, teachers and community—it's a promise of a brighter future

> See how we're changing education
Elephant Census
  Counting elephants is a critical step in the conservation process, providing insight into population and poaching patterns

> Find out why
Stop Extraction in World Heritage Sites
  Priceless World Heritage Sites are no place for drilling and industrial activity, which would threaten valuable biodiversity

> Learn about the consequences
Technology for Conservation
  In a changing Africa, new technologies and tradition intersect, bringing economic opportunity and conservation to Africa's rural areas

> Read our CEO's blog
Pledge for Africa's Elephants
Elephant Resolution

This January, make a resolution for Africa's elephants. Share our anti-ivory pledge.

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Fun fact: Hyrax
  Fun Fact

Hyrax infants are born fully developed and are even able to run and jump after just one hour.
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At AWF, we believe that protecting Africa's wildlife and wild landscapes is the key to the future prosperity of Africa and its people. For over 50 years, we have made it our work to help ensure that Africa's wild resources endure.
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Photo credits: Dan Duran, MASS Design, Paul Runze, Marie Frei, Ewaso Lions, Billy Dodson, C. Feral