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Thandi the Rhino Gives Birth
  Poaching Survivor Delivers Baby Rhino

A poacher's machete claimed Thandi's horn, but not her life. In 2012, the white rhino cow, along with two bulls, fell victim to a brutal poaching attack at South Africa's Kariega Game Reserve. The two bulls succumbed to their injuries, but Thandi pulled through and fought her way back to health. Just last month, this resilient rhino became a mother—miraculously giving birth to a healthy calf. NBA star and wildlife advocate Yao Ming tells Thandi's survival story in our demand-reduction PSA and calls for an end to the brutal business of poaching.

> Watch Thandi's story
  U.S. Combats Wildlife Trafficking

On Feb. 11, the U.S. issued an implementation plan for its National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking. "This is a road map for battening down the hatches in the United States," says Dr. Patrick Bergin, AWF CEO and member of the U.S. Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking. The plan serves as a model for the world to end wildlife crime.

> Read the new strategy
  A small gift makes a big difference for Africa's treasured species. Make a monthly donation to protect endangered wildlife year-round.  
World Pangolin Day
  In honor of World Pangolin Day, here are five things you probably didn't know about the world's most-trafficked mammal

> Get the scoop on this scaly creature
Water Access in Imatong Mountains
  Sustainable and reliable water sources provide food security and livelihoods, reducing human impact on natural resources and ecosystems

> See how we're increasing access to water
Going Tuskless
  Decades of poaching and overhunting of elephants with large tusks may be leading to generations of elephants with shrinking tusks

> Learn about this disturbing trend
Wild dog populations increase
  African wild dog populations are starting to see a recovery, with a 40 percent increase across Africa

> Find out why
Thandi the Rhino
A Survival Story

Yao Ming wants you to help protect rhinos like Thandi from poaching attacks by spreading the message against wildlife products. Share her story.

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Fun fact: Hyrax
  Fun Fact

Chimpanzees are extremely affectionate toward one another. They touch and kiss when they meet and even groom each other and hold hands.
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Photo credits: Billy Dodson, Keith & Colleen Begg, Chris Dickens, Paul Runze, Kristian Schmidt/WildAid,
Sean Brogan/IDA-Africa SYCRC