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AWF Newsletter   March 2015
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China Bans Ivory
  China Bans Ivory Imports

On February 26, the Chinese government announced a one-year ban on ivory imports, further acknowledging the link between owning or gifting ivory products and the elephant-poaching crisis in Africa. "We certainly welcome this positive step," says AWF CEO Patrick Bergin. "As a next step, we ask China to consider an outright ban on all ivory trade in the country." Growing consumer awareness of the devastating impact of wildlife trade bolsters this momentous step by the government. AWF and its partners released survey findings showing that 95 percent of China's residents agree that the government should impose an ivory ban and an equal percentage favored stricter punishments for rhino horn trade offenders. These results indicate that "we're on the right path and increasingly we're seeing signs that China wants to be on the right path too."

> See the key survey findings
  A Wild Day

On March 3, AWF took part in worldwide celebrations for World Wildlife Day. This year's theme "it's time to get serious about wildlife crime" inspired serious action. In Kenya, AWF VP Daudi Sumba participated in a ceremonial burning of 15 tonnes of illegal ivory, while in Uganda we led a march across Kampala and in Zambia AWF CEO and Chief Scientist attended a parade with Zambia Wildlife Authority rangers.

> Learn more about the efforts
  Illegal wildlife trade generates up to $23 billion each year. Donate today to ensure criminals aren't profiting from our endangered species.  
Wild to Inspire Winner Announced
  AWF, Nat Geo WILD and Sun Valley Film Festival announce the winner of the latest WILD to INSPIRE film competition

> Watch the winning entry
The Value of Africa's Wildlife
  AWF Chief Scientist explains mega fauna's impact on Africa's ecosystems and economies in this World Economic Forum article

> Find out why
Ecoguards in Dja Biosphere
  In the heart of Cameroon's Dja Biosphere, an ecoguard puts his life on the line to protect a UNESCO World Heritage Site

> Hear from a true wildlife hero
Climate Change Lessons from REDD+
  Mitigating the effects of climate change requires a holistic approach that doesn't stop at simply reducing carbon emissions

> Read about our climate change work
Wildlife Crime is Serious Video
Learn the Truth About Wildlife Crime

The illegal wildlife trade is a multibillion-dollar black market business. Share our video to spread awareness of the devastating facts.

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Fun fact: Bat
  Fun Fact

Fruit bats, like the Rodrigues flying fox above, have an extremely developed sense of smell and large eyes for night vision, both of which allow them to locate fruit and nectar in the dark.
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