Elephants. Nature's great gift. Charismatic, mysterious, captivating. It's hard to imagine a world without them.

That distant admirers stand in unbridled awe of elephants is understandable. But those who share living space with these 6-ton animals that can flatten fences, destroy harvests and imperil children might be less enthusiastic. They might indeed wish the elephant lived somewhere else.

Such are the conflicting passions that complicate the long-running debate over the…

Wildlife Authorities from Kenya and Tanzania have arrested a man in connection with the recent slaughter of several elephants from Kenya's Amboseli area.

According to reports from Kenya, the suspect allegedly had a 458 rifle in his possession and has been charged with killing at least 10 elephants, a number that tallies with those found dead or missing in recent months. Poaching occurred on both sides of the Kenya-Tanzania border, in an area frequently used by the elephants.


More than 100 Buffaloes were killed as the result of a raging bush fire that swept through Namibia's Mamili National Park in August.

The cause of the fire is unclear, according to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The blaze could have resulted from spontaneous combustion or have been ignited by sparks from cooking fires in a nearby village. During the dry season swamp grasses and the underlying layer of peat are highly susceptible to fire.

Despite the high level of losses…