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Deforestation is threatening wildlife and food security for all

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Zimbabwe is dealing with food- and water-security issues.

Officially called the Republic of Zimbabwe, this Southern African country is located between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. Home to 350 species of mammals, more than 500 birds, and 131 fish species, Zimbabwe is mostly grassland, but its mountains give way to tropical and hardwood forests.

The natural beauty here is picturesque with sights that include Mt. Nyangani and Victoria Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. But, even with all of this breathtaking scenery, Mother Nature is not always kind to Zimbabwe. It is continuously faced with recurring droughts that cause both food- and water-security issues for people and wildlife alike.


Food, forests, and wildlife are all being destroyed.

At one time, Zimbabwe had an abundance of forests and wildlife. But, major drought, poverty, a growing population, and a lack of fuel have all led to massive deforestation. This, in turn, has caused soil erosion, destroying what fertile farming land there is.

Deforestation has accelerated, as rural areas use firewood for fuel. And, people do not understand that their actions are creating food-security issues. With the damaged soil unable to grow crops, people continue to turn to poaching as a way to eat and earn income.

Conservation efforts are needed to protect Zimbabwe’s natural resources. While Zimbabwe is a highly educated country, training opportunities are needed for the poorest people to learn new skills that aid in conservation and help better the lives of all.

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In Zimbabwe, African Wildlife Foundation supports agriculture and ranger training, conservation programs, and more. Learn more about our programs in this Southern African nation, then donate for a cause that will help the people of Zimbabwe, their lands, and their wildlife.

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