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Corporate Partners

African Wildlife Foundation is the leading conservation organization focused solely on the continent of Africa and uniquely poised to address the most pressing threats facing wildlife and lands today, while working with communities and governments.

By engaging with African Wildlife Foundation as a corporate partner, you can guarantee that your brand is positioned as a leader at the forefront of critical conservation and sustainable development issues, and gain visibility within AWF’s vast audiences, key business leaders, as well as media and government partners.

AWF is grateful to partner with companies that share our mission of working to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa.


Arvid Nordquist

This leading distributor of food and beverages in the Scandinavian market is supporting AWF through the sales of a special line of coffee that is linked to AWF’s Elephant Campaign.

Disneynature African Cats

AWF teamed up with Disneynature to highlight the plight of Africa’s big cats, which has intensified in recent decades due to shrinking habitat and mounting conflict with humans. They generously agreed to donate a portion of sales from their film African Cats to support an AWF land lease conservation program that protects big cat habitat in Kenya. The “See African Cats, Save the Savanna” initiative was a roaring success. The proceeds allowed AWF to ultimately conserve tens of thousands of acres of savanna ecosystem for lions, cheetahs, and other wildlife.  

“We have been so impressed with AWF’s attention to the overall communications to your constituents around this project, as well as the incredible dedication and expertise of your staff in the field. In fact we couldn’t be happier to be working with a longtime partner like the African Wildlife Foundation.”

– The Walt Disney Co.

Endangered Species Chocolate

The name of this company comes with a promise to consumers—that their product is helping to safeguard the iconic wildlife pictured on each chocolate bar. Through their partnership with AWF, Endangered Species Chocolate is helping to protect lions, elephants, and zebras through their 10% Giveback program. “The work of AWF meshes so well with our mission of supporting species, habitat, and humanity. Ten percent of net profits generated from Endangered Species Chocolate sales will be donated to aid AWF’s species research, land protection, and local empowerment programs. Talk about indulging in a cause!”– Endangered Species Chocolate

Nature's Path Foods

Nature's Path Foods

This Canadian company is North America's largest producer of certified organic breakfast and snack foods, and is committed to advancing the cause of people and the planet. They developed the EnviroKidz line of products to allow consumers to give back to the environment through their purchasing dollars, and Nature's Path donates 1% of the sales of these products to support endangered species, habitat restoration, and environmental education for kids worldwide. Their support for AWF will advance programs to protect elephants, rhinos, lions, and great apes in Africa.


AWF’s six-year partnership with Starbucks and 5,000 farmers under the Kenya Heartland Coffee Project delivered a bold blend of results for people and wildlife. This project boosted coffee production through farmer training on conservation friendly growing practices. It also established a quality lab which helped growers to monitor and refine their coffee. True to AWF’s mission and Starbucks’ commitment to social responsibility, this project aimed to foster an environmentally and economically vibrant landscape.

“With the local knowledge and expertise of AWF and Starbucks’ expertise in coffee quality, agronomy and socially responsible purchasing practices, we hope to positively impact the quantity and quality of coffee produced by selected cooperatives. We are pleased to enrich the livelihoods of coffee farmers in East Africa and throughout the world.”

– Starbucks 

The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants, an apparel company, donates $1-2 to AWF's elephant conservation program for every item sold.

Thomson Safaris

Founded in 1981, Thomson Safaris sets the standard for exceptional experiences in East Africa, leading Tanzania Safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro treks. Thomson was named to the 2013 Travel + Leisure World’s Best list, as National Geographic Adventure’s Best Adventure Travel Company on Earth (twice), and as the Tanzania Tourism Board’s Tour Operator of the Year, Humanitarian of the Year, and Conservation Award winner. Thomson Safaris partnered with AWF to enable travelers to effect positive change and become ambassadors for conservation in Africa. Members will be able to contribute to programs that combat poaching, promote education, and develop sustainable agricultural practices, to name a few.

Toys "R" Us Logo


By partnering with AWF, Toys“R”Us® is supporting conservation education for students living near critical giraffe habitats in East Africa. Toys“R”Us support will provide students at AWF-supported schools in Tanzania and Uganda with opportunities to learn about their natural environment and local wildlife, including specific subspecies of giraffe. The partnership will support talks and activities led by wildlife rangers, such as animal footprint tracking, as well as hands-on lessons on identifying local plant and wildlife species. Students will also embark on field trips into national parks. The educational efforts will take place under AWF’s Classroom Africa program, which provides rural communities living in or near critical wildlife habitats with access to a quality primary school education.


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