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  • Sekute Conservation Area Becky Walter
  • Sekute Conservation Area Becky Walter
  • Sekute Conservation Area Becky Walter
Descriptions & Plan

Agriculture and population growth threaten wildlife in Zambia. 

Historically, wildlife roamed freely around the Sekute Chiefdom in southern Zambia. But, in recent years, human population growth, agricultural enterprise, and tourism-related development have threatened these critically important wildlife dispersal corridors. 

Sekute Conservation Area: a community’s commitment to conserve wildlife. 

In late 2009, African Wildlife Foundation signed a landmark conservation agreement with the Sekute community to establish, manage, and protect an important conservation area in exchange for a host of community and economic benefits. The Sekute Conservation Area covers more than 50,000 acres and is part of a larger region that hosts a large population of elephants. This agreement continues a conservation partnership that began with the community in 2000. 

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