Zambia Rhino Relocation

Descriptions & Plan

Rhinos face extinction in Zambia.

Zambia once had a healthy population of white rhinos, but by 2010, there was only one still alive. Poaching had decimated local populations. If action wasn’t taken, rhinos were likely to disappear entirely from the region. 

Relocating rhinos for conservation. 

With Zambia’s rhinos near extinction, African Wildlife Foundation partnered with Zambia Wildlife Authority to settle four white rhinos from South Africa to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Since the relocation, there have been four births in the park, bringing the total population count up to nine. With rhinos having long gestation and nursing periods and birthing a calf once every two to four years, these births are a significant marker of the project’s success.

In addition to relocating rhinos, AWF worked with Zambia Wildlife Authority to better protect and monitor the rhinos. Anti-poaching patrols as well as careful health monitoring (MOU1) has ensured the continued safety of these young rhinos and gives many hope for the future.