Dwarf Mongoose

Mau Reforestation

Kenya’s ecological health is in danger.

The ecological health of the Mau Forest Complex in Kenya’s Rift Valley region is in imminent danger. Deforestation and industrial encroachment have destroyed large tracts of this important ecosystem, while years of indiscriminate forest clearing and settlement have taken their toll. This 40,000-hectare forest is East Africa’s largest closed-canopy forest ecosystem and serves the important purpose of storing rainwater during wet months and releasing it during dry periods.

Banhine National Park Revitalization

Banhine is an overlooked but rich national park. 

Southern Africa’s vast transnational Limpopo Heartland is perhaps best known for the world-famous Kruger National Park. Yet not far away, in Mozambique, is an equally fascinating park that is virtually unknown: Banhine National Park.