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Bonobo Caught on Film

  • 06/19/09
  • Valentin

Getting to see a bonobo in its natural habitat is  a rare and thrilling privilege;  there's no way to truly capture being there, but as a start, I thought I'd share with you a video taken some months ago of a bonobo sighted in the research area.  I will try to share more videos when I can.

About the Author

Valentin blogs about bonobos and conservation from one of the wildest places on earth: the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo -- and the remote Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve. Pivotal in establishing the Lomako Reserve in 2006, Valentin now oversees bonobo research from the new AWF conservation science camp here. Thanks to a satellite internet connection, Valentin brings the Lomako forest and the fascinating world of bonobos to you.

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