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A Golden Conservation Opportunity: The CMTP

Yohannes Teshome Seifu at Manyara Ranch with livestock herders

It’s my pleasure to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Yohannes Teshome Seifu, and I come from an Ethiopian family. I have a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management with a focus on Forest and Nature Conservation from Jimma University in Ethiopia.  

Previously I was working with Farm Africa and SOS–Sahel Ethiopia, Bale Eco- Region Sustainable Management Programme (BERSMP). I joined African Wildlife Foundation’s Conservation Management Training Program (CMTP) from the Frankfurt Zoological Society Bale Mountains Conservation Project (FZS-BMCP).

I was always thinking how to get additional training opportunity and improve my practical life- time experience. As a chance, I heard and read about the new and exciting CMTP posting through the FZS office. The general structure of the CMTP drew me to apply and join the program. And then I applied to the online posting and got an interview. I believe that, I got the CMTP not only based on my qualifications but a good willingness of AWF.

View Point of Ewaso Ngiro River (The Corner) in Samburu Landscape

I am extremely interested in community-based conservation and training programs. I am also creative and entrepreneur-minded. In the future, I am hoping to achieve my practical life-time know-how and to be one of the key actors for African conservation and sustainable development efforts.

For me, AWF's CMTP is a golden opportunity to improve my practical life-time experience that enables me to feel confident and stand on any forum and set/apply the conservation strategy over the strong interaction between people, wildlife and wild lands of Africa.

Yohannes Teshome Seifu
About the Author

Yohannes Teshome Seifu is originally from Ethiopia and comes to the Conservation Management Training Program with a background in Natural Resources Management and Forest and Nature Conservation. 

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