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New Blogs on AWF

  • 02/13/09
  • Nakedi

I would like say how excited I am that my colleagues Dr. Bernard Kissui (Lions: Lions of Tarangire — and Dr. Paul Muoria (Grevy’s zebra: Guarding Grevy’s Zebras — have started blogging about their work.

During August in 2008 I had an opportunity visit their project sites in Tanzania and Kenya respectively and saw firsthand what wonderful work they are doing. They both have immense experience in their respective fields; I must say I have learned a lot from them during my visit. I am also secretly looking up to them, to get where they are in terms of applied research.

About the Author

Joining AWF in 2007, Nakedi is the latest addition to AWF's team of species researchers in Africa. Working in the Limpopo region, where he's from, Nakedi's studying the great cats to shape conservation strategies that will benefit communities he's known all his life. Looking at Nakedi's focus areas as a zoologist – Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, and Geometric Morphometrics – it's easy to see he is serious about conservation. Leopards as a species especially interested him because they are both powerful and elusive – making it a challenge to study and protect them.

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