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Tour Ngoma Lodge in Botswana

A photo diary from Becky Walter, an AWF intern in the field. Click on any of the stunning images below to view it in full size.

"While in Botswana with Enterprise Officer Wilfred, we visited Ngoma Lodge.  A new lodge, Ngoma is nestled into the landscape with spectacular views out over the plains and the Chobe River below.  Using local woods and stones, the lodge has been built with beautiful detailing, and a nice incorporation of African design.  As you enter the lodge, you walk into and through the reception area, coming out onto a large open area on the back, stretching across in wooden walkways.  Tables are set underneath a Baobab tree, and a viewing platform offers you a closer look at animals coming through the area.  Like Machenje Lodge that is currently under construction in Zambia, Ngoma Lodge is tied to the local community and people, with profits tying back into further land conservation and community enrichment.  Offering beautiful views and a unique ­African experience, Ngoma Lodge is an eco-tourists dream."

Wood work and a stone pathway leads you into the Ngoma Lodge entrance.

Entrance of Ngoma Lodge.

Hand made baskets and bead work provide detailing in the lodge interior.

Large wooden decks stretch across the front of the lodge, overlooking the plains and the Chobe River below.

Ngoma Lodge nestles into the land and provides guests opportunities for game viewing and taking in the African Landscape. Tables are set under a large Baobab tree, and a pond with local plants gives an air of tranquility.

A viewing platform offers guests a view out over the plains and river below.

About the Author

"Africa has been an integral influence on my dreams and my life from a very young age. An Environmental Studies major and senior at Ursinus College, I travel back to Africa with a more focused view, learning about and documenting the various AWF projects in the Kazungula Heartland. Through my work I hope to make a difference in this world, and spread awareness of key environmental and humanitarian issues."

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