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The Lupani School

  • 07/19/11
  • Becky
Thanks to the Sekute Trust and its work with AWF, the Lupani School has opened.  Opened on February eleventh of this year, the school has been a great success and a place of pride within the community.  Literacy is extremely low in the Sekute community, but with the Lupani School, including two buildings filled with class rooms as well as five houses for teachers, children now have access to receiving an education.  Students are learning about how to conserve and work with the land, and move towards a brighter future both fo

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Sekute Trust: Change and Power from the Grass Roots

  • 07/13/11
  • Becky
Driving out to the Sekute, AWF Regional Enterprise Manager Wilfred and I traveled to their Head office in order to talk with members from the Trust.

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Inyambo Fish Farm

  • 06/30/11
  • Becky
The first project I came to in Zambia, was the Inyambo fish farm.  Located within the western province of Zambia, in a village of 10,000 Lozi people, is a project that stands to strengthen the community, and also help to conserve fish stocks in the Zambezi River.  Lozi literally translates to mean water people, and it is surely a fitting name to a people so tied to the river.  A large village, they live very much traditionally, and fish daily along the Zambezi.  However, due to overfishing, fish stocks are rapidly declining, leaving

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Wildlife Recover in Kilitome Conservancy

We are sitting on the porch at Tawi Lodge in the Kilimanjaro Heartland. Mt. Kilimanjaro is smack dab in front of us. The view is brilliant as the mountain stands with magnificent enormity. Tawi Lodge sits right in the middle of Kilitome Conservancy, a conservancy created by AWF and 100 Maasai landowners. Tawi is a luxury eco-camp opened in 2010. It is a lovely, peaceful spot in the dryland, acacia woodlands. AWF and Tawi signed lease agreements with the landowners over two years ago.

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Knoxville Screening of Disneynature's African Cats

  • 05/18/11
  • Christina
[caption id="attachment_1845" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="AWF's own Bernard Kissui at a screening of Disneynature's "African Cats""][/caption] As part of the African Wildlife Foundation's philanthropy team, traveling throughout the United States visiting with the supporters who make our work possible is the greatest part of

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