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AWF Staff Member Reflects on Project

During the World Cup I had the pleasure to spend time with Christina van Winkle from our offices in Washington D.C. and her friend Mike. We met for the first time that morning in Nelspruit and then drove in tandem to Paul Kruger gate en route to Singita Kruger National Park.  I had a great time with them, and in the process, we managed to discuss the project’s objectives.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • 08/06/10
  • Erin
"Hi, Erin! My 8-year old niece is a lover of all of our four-legged friends. I'd like to give her a gift membership to AWF.

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Student weighs in on experience

Michael Gallagher, a student, writes for us in this post... My name is Michael Gallagher, and I helped Nakedi put down camera traps around the Shangoni area recently. I had been in the bush before but always in very controlled areas...usually with no predators.  Here is what I learned: I am a student from Ireland who hopes to continue into the conservation world, so I volunteered with Nakedi. On my first day there, we got up early and headed out into the bush hoping to put down a few good camera traps.

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The Final Charge

  • 07/26/10
  • Erin
“Is there really such a thing as an ‘Elephant’s Graveyard?’ -Moses, Jackson, MS, U.S.A. After doing research and consulting with AWF's own 'elephant gurus,' I found that the 'Elephant's Graveyard' is one of the best African 'bush legends’ (the same as 'urban legends' but, set in the African bush) of all time. That being said, it's a pretty good  'legend' as far as legends go. So, if the 'elephant's graveyard' isn't real, then how did this legend even get started?

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Pafuri Part 2

After 45 days, Kaizer and I go back to the Pafuri section of Kruger Park. It is great to go back and see what awaits us. I was hopeful we would get lots of leopard pictures. However, I was dreading the drive. The thought of driving 80 kilometres per day to and from the study site (and driving between camera stations) didn't sit well with me. Luckily, the people at Pafuri Camp, run by the Wilderness Safaris, offered us accommodation. This was very good news.

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