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Update on Gorilla Death in Uganda

  • 04/20/09
  • IGCP

Last month we reported the death of an adult female gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. We’ve been carefully following up on this terrible incident, and we have an update:

Kashongo died when a farmer threw stones at the gorilla, who was feeding in her banana farm. The farmer said that in the rush to chase the gorilla away and protect her children, she threw some stones, not meaning to directly hit Kashongo.

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Washing Scat

So far the cameras haven’t captured any leopard with the new method that we are trying out. Using the biased sampling design, after three weeks (21-22 days) we had already captured three different leopards. The new method therefore must be jazzed up a little (thanks Craig!); hopefully this will influence the chances of capturing leopards. This means that we need to take things one step further, by luring the camera stations.

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The Fat Leopard

I must apologise for the long silence regarding the emergence of the fat cat. Thank you to Rob and Tionette Geddes for willing to share pictures of this lovely creature.

The leopard looks like he swallowed a three and a half metre long python. Enjoy!

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Reports of Lion Poisoning and Carbofuran

  • 04/02/09
  • Kissui

Thanks to recent coverage by the US television network CBS on lion poisoning in Kenya, many people are becoming aware of the ongoing threats to lions due to poisoning using the agricultural pesticide carbofuran.

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Guest Blogger: Director of the Congo Heartland

  • 03/31/09
  • Paul

Today we have a guest blogger: Jef Dupain, AWF director of the Congo Heartland. He writes about the latest from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC):

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