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Sinohydro Continues to Break Law and Build Illegal Quarry in Amboseli

  • 05/29/09
  • Paul

Today we have another guest blogger: Kathleen Fitzgerald, AWF's Land Conservation Director based in our Nairobi headquarters. transporter 3 HD download

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Special Guests at the Lomako Conservation Science Centre

  • 05/24/09
  • Valentin

Last week, the Lomako Conservation Science Centre (LCSC) has been honored by a visit from prominent national and international institutions. The delegation consisted of the following:

1. Embassy of Canada in Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC) - Sigrid Anna Johnson, Ambassador

2. Embassy of France: - Olivier Richard, Counselor of Embassy

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The Return of Bonobos

  • 05/21/09
  • Valentin

It’s as if the spirit of Papa Bosco Ikwa is with us! After a long period of searching fruitlessly for bonobos, out with our tracking team we have located a group of 13 individuals -- 4 males and 6 females carrying two juveniles and a baby.

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Training Rangers for Tourism in the Congo

  • 05/20/09
  • IGCP

My name is Alister Mungai and I am the Programme Assistant for IGCP. After ICCN (the Congo government’s national park and nature conservation authority) officially reopened the Mikeno sector of Virunga National Park for tourism on May 1st, IGCP was invited to train the rangers who would be involved in the handling of visitors. As rangers have not dealt with tourists for an extended period of time due to conflict and insecurity in the region, this workshop was vital to help get them back on track. Our team of four IGCP staff (Dr.

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Go Ahead, Ask!

  • 05/18/09
  • Erin
Sawubona! Muraho! Habari! Supa! Muli Shani! Dumela! Mbote! In any language, Hello! Welcome to AWF’s newest blog, Ask Erin. The above phrases are a few ways of saying ‘HELLO, WORLD!’ in just a few African dialects from some of the countries in which the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) works to conserve and protect the wildlife and wild lands of Africa.

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