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Bonobo Caught on Film

  • 06/19/09
  • Valentin
Getting to see a bonobo in its natural habitat is  a rare and thrilling privilege;  there's no way to truly capture being there, but as a start, I thought I'd share with you a video taken some months ago of a bonobo sighted in the research area.  I will try to share more videos when I can. Continue reading

Ligers, Tigers and Bears-Oh My!

  • 06/15/09
  • Erin
“Does Africa have bears?” Janice- Shreveport, LA, U.S.A. Sadly, not any more. The only known species of “true bear” indigenous to the continent of Africa was the Atlas Bear (Ursus arctos crowtheri). It was a subspecies of the Brown Bear that was reported to have lived from Morocco to Libya. The last reported specimen was killed in theTetuan Mountains of Morocco in the 1870s.   “I’m in 9th Grade and I am currently doing a report on Tigers. I found your website and while it is very informative, there is no information on Tigers which surprised me.

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Back to eastern DRC -- a first visit since the war

  • 06/09/09
  • IGCP
Hi, this is Wellard again --writing to tell you about the rest of our visit to DRC, a journey of mixed emotions. After leaving the beekeepers, we traveled another 12 kilometres of bumpy road to the T-junction to the local army base and the National Park authorities’ offices, Rumangabo Station. There we saw an amazing sight: the government army working together with former rebels.

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Are penguins found in Africa?

  • 06/05/09
  • Erin