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AWF Congratulates Member Sweepstakes Winner Allan Jordan

  • Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC--AWF is pleased to announce that Mr. Allan Jordan of Fort Bragg, California, is the winner of its May membership safari sweepstakes. Mr. Jordan will join a dozen other AWF members for AWF's Best of Tanzania Safari in late July.

Designed exclusively for AWF members, the 13-day trip offers participants an outstanding opportunity to visit some of the great safari destinations of Tanzania while learning about conservation projects that link wildlife protection with improving human well-being.

"Is this for real?" Mr. Jordan asked on receiving the call that he was the sweepstakes winner. "I'm 66 years old; count me in -- I'm going!"

"I am delighted Allan will have the opportunity to join us for this unique adventure," says Craig Sholley, AWF's Vice President of Philanthropy and Marketing. "Allan's participation, and the trip itself, is a special benefit we are proud to offer our members," adds Craig, who will lead the July safari.

The 13-day trip begins on July 25 and extends through August 7.

The trip will include visits to AWF's elephant science camp in the West Kilimanjaro region as well as to the wonderful Tarangire National Park and AWF's Manyara Conservation Ranch in the Maasai Steppe Heartland. Travelers will proceed to the Ngorongoro Crater, a World Heritage Site, and to the spectacular Serengeti National Park.

Participants are sure to see Tanzania in a new light. In addition to serving on AWF's executive team, Craig is an outstanding naturalist, seasoned guide and terrific photographer, whose knowledge of Africa, wildlife and AWF's program is unsurpassed.

Congratulations Mr. Jordan! Look for additional coverage of the AWF safari this summer.

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