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AWF Launches New Website!

  • Friday, December 15, 2000

The African Wildlife Foundation is exceedingly proud to launch our redesigned website, offering new and exciting features to give our members and supporters direct access to our fieldwork. The new website provides weekly headlines and highlights about African wildlife conservation, a searchable archive of previous headlines and highlights, hundreds of fun and educational photographs from the field in Africa, an email newsletter system that lets you specify what topics you're most interested in, a description of our important Heartlands and Conservation Service Centers programs, and searchable lessons about the critical wildlife we are working so hard to conserve. The website also presents a description, with photos, of all of the critical African Heartlands where we focus our work. Samburu, Maasai Steppe, Kilimanjaro, Virunga, Zambezi, Limpopo, and Kazungula.

We will also be adding numerous exciting and powerful new features soon, and more over time as we raise resources to support this effort. These may include more details, photos, and technical information about each heartland and species we work with, including webcameras so you can watch LIVE what's going on in these important and remote ecosystems.

In addition to these exciting features for our supporters and members, our new web system also implements a database that lets our staff throughout Africa and the United States more effectively share information and coordinate with each other and our partners and members. This powerful technology will increase our efficiency and enhance our work with the people of Africa to save the last great species and wildlands on this great continent. AWF will be working with our Internet strategy and development partner, Forum One Communications of Alexandria, Virginia, to continue to enhance this system over time.

Please take a look at our new website, send us your comments, sign up for our email newsletters from Africa, and check back regularly to see the latest headlines, highlights, and updates on the great animals of Africa and the conservation and social programs our staff are working hard to implement to ensure their continued survival in the wild.

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