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On the AWF Shelf: New Volume Collects Essays on Conservation as a Path to Improved Human Well-Being

  • Thursday, September 17, 2009

LONDON, UK--Most experts wholeheartedly embrace the idea that nature must be protected in order to advance human well-being; but, the debate on how development goals and biodiversity conservation should be linked in practice is far from settled. So reveals a volume published by leading UK publisher Earthscan and co-edited by AWF expert Joanna Elliott.

The Earthscan Reader in Poverty and Biodiversity Conservation is an edited compilation of the most important essays and articles on the linkages between poverty reduction strategies and conservation with a guide to and commentary on the key themes that are shaping policy discussions. The book will help readers, including both students and professionals, mark a path from today's polarizing debates to tomorrow's lasting solutions.

The book supports AWF's Sustaining Economic Resources for Africa (SERA) Initiative, under which AWF adheres to 12 policy priorities, using them to guide work in each of our Heartlands and to shape AWF's recommendations to public and private stakeholders.

"Conservation is more than a tool for maintaining diversity and managing climate change; it is a means to alleviate poverty and manage the trade-offs between ecological vitality and human development," says Joanna Elliott, Vice President for Program Design and Knowledge Management at AWF and co-editor of the book. "AWF is pleased to have contributed to this critical volume, which collects the latest thinking on conservation as a path to improved human well-being."

To learn more and purchase the new volume click here.

To learn more about AWF's SERA Initiative, click here.

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