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AWF's 2010 Member Safari - Kenya's Best

  • Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC--African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is pleased to again offer members the exclusive opportunity to participate in AWF's Annual Member Safari. This year's trip, Kenya's Best -- Height of the Great Migration, will feature many of Kenya's top wildlife viewing destinations during 13 days beginning in late July 2010.

During this unique adventure, designed exclusively for AWF supporters, participants will explore the Amboseli region located in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro and home to one of Africa's most renowned elephant populations; journey through the termite mound-riddled landscape of Samburu in Kenya's Northern Frontier; and experience the Masai Mara during the seasonal cycle that is typically the height of the wildebeest and zebra migration.

Traveling through these diverse habitats, participants will have exceptional opportunities to see Kenya's majestic wildlife and be joined by some of AWF's leading conservation experts, who will provide both wildlife background and insight into the compelling conservation issues facing the wildlife and people of East Africa.


In 2010 AWF is pleased to offer participants a special four-day safari extension, a Rwandan Mountain Gorilla Expedition, with two treks to see these charismatic gentle giants of the primate world. Benefiting from AWF's long experience in great ape conservation, participants will have the chance to see the highly endangered mountain gorilla and visit community projects in the lofty Virunga mountains.

The 13-day Kenya's Best safari begins on Monday, July 26th and extends through Saturday, August, 7th. At $6,935 per person plus air fare, this safari provides "high-end" comfort at an affordable price. The Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Expedition is priced at $4,946; this includes airfare to Rwanda from Kenya and two separate gorilla treks.

The AWF Member Safari is offered through AWF's Membership and Outreach Program, giving supporters exclusive access to AWF expertise. Last year's participating members traveled through Tanzania in a safari many called the trip of a lifetime.

Allan of Fort Bragg, California, said, "Combining wildlife viewing with talks about conservation in Africa made the experience truly unique." If you have questions or would like to learn more about AWF's 2010 Member Safari, Kenya's Best -- Height of the Great Migration, contact Stephen Ham directly, by phone at 202-939-3318 or email at sham@awf.org

Download more information here.

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