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Endangered Species Chocolate Selects AWF for Three-Year 10 percent Partnership

  • Friday, December 18, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC -- The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is pleased to announce it has been selected as a three-year 10 percent partner by Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC).

Through this special partnership, AWF along with one other nonprofit, will receive the greater of 10 percent of Endangered Species Chocolate's net profits or $10,000. In an effort to maximize the reach of these sponsorships, ESC is extending the terms to a minimum of three years.

AWF was selected for its vigorous and transparent mission to support species and habitat conservation in harmony with humanity, according to ESC.

"Our 10 percent partner program is a direct extension of our vision to manifest the Earth as a place where species and humanity flourish. As such," continues Wayne Zink, CEO, "ESC has increased the rigor of its standardized selection process. Partners are ultimately selected based on a strict set of criteria through 100 percent participation by ESC administrative staff."

The partnership extends AWF's work with ESC, which last year funded AWF's Species Team. This fall, AWF and ESC also partnered to offer special Adoption Collections that give supporters a chance to 'sweeten the deal' whenever they adopt African Wildlife through AWF. Adoption Collections include Endangered Species Chocolate bars, a plush animal that matches the collection's name, and an e-membership to AWF.

Endangered Species Chocolate has also announced it will further its commitment to the work of its foundation. The Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation was created in 2009 to fund several on-the-ground sustainability projects serving the communities where the company sources its cocoa. From supporting health care, clean water, and education initiatives in Ivory Coast to helping farmers purchase weed whackers and produce healthy, high-yield cacao trees in Ecuador, all Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation programs are guided by the expressed needs of cacao farmers.

AWF thanks ESC for its continued support and looks forward to partnering further over the next three years.

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