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Africa Launches the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

  • 01/13/03

Africa's new "super park", the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is Africa's largest transfrontier conservation area. It covers 35,000 square kilometers (13,500 square miles) and extends into three countries; Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The African Wildlife Foundation is extremely pleased about the official recognition of this transfrontier park as it indicates promising potential for designation of a broader Greater Limpopo Conservation Area which conceptually forms the basis of AWF's southern Africa Limpopo Heartland.

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IGCP Director Annette Lanjouw Featured on Voice of America Television

  • 01/09/03

The mountain gorilla is one of the most endangered species of wildlife on Earth. Keeping track of them is the specialty of Dr. Annette Lanjouw, considered one of the world's leading authorities on mountain gorillas.

Recently Dr. Lanjouw visited the United States to share her concerns about saving the animals that are the focus of her life. During a visit to the Hill School in Middleburg, Virginia, Voice of America Television was there to witness the lecture.


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Interpol to Probe Gorilla Poaching

  • 12/19/02

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and its counterparts in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, have petitioned Interpol to investigate and arrest suspects engaged in poaching of the highly endangered mountain gorillas.

In the last 6 months, there have been at least four poaching attacks on groups of mountain gorillas in the two forests that harbor the last remaining members of this endangered subspecies (Gorilla beringei beringei).

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AWF and Disney Partner to Save Wild Dogs

  • 12/16/02

They can run down antelopes under 100 pounds. Large packs have been known to take zebras and even elands. But African wild dogs are a globally endangered species.

Now the Walt Disney Company Foundation and the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund are supporting an African Wildlife Foundation study that will lead to a better understanding of a "remnant" wild dog population in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania - and will help promote coexistence with local Maasai pastoral communities.

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Conservation Success Story: Rhino Count is Up

  • 12/09/02

Thanks to concerted conservation efforts, Africa's rhinoceros population continues to increase. There are now an estimated 14,770 rhinos in Africa, up from 13,109 rhinos in 1999.

In recent decades, rhinos have been poached to the point of near extinction. Since 1970, the world rhino population declined by 90 percent.

The only two species found today in Africa are the white or square-lipped rhino and the black rhino.

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