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Surprise in the Kenyan Wild as Lioness Adopts Oryx

  • 01/07/02

Adapted from the Daily Nation

In the Samburu Game Reserve in Kenya, a lioness recently struck up friendship with an oryx calf in a spectacle that puzzled everyone including wildlife experts.

In a radical departure from its instincts, the full-grown lioness had been roaming in the reserve for the last two weeks in the company of the oryx, which it would ordinarily have killed for a meal. Tourists and game rangers watched in disbelief as the lioness and the frail brown baby oryx walked side by side and rested together, with the intimacy of a mother and her cub.

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Heartland Coordinators Visit Kilimanjaro Heartland

  • 12/12/01

Amboseli National Park - in the AWF-designated Kilimanjaro Heartland - hosts an amazing profusion of diverse wildlife. The park is a stunning mosaic of grassy plains, clear springs, mud pans, and Phoenix palm woodland framed by the presence of Mount Kilimanjaro. After an intellectually rigorous, yet stimulating week in Nairobi, the first comprehensive meeting of AWF's Heartland Program staff transferred the meeting to the living conference facilities of Amboseli.

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Dr. Patrick J. Bergin Appointed to Lead The African Wildlife Foundation

  • 11/21/01

Washington, D.C. -- The African Wildlife Foundation's (AWF) Chairman of the Board, Stuart T. Saunders Jr., has announced that Dr. Patrick J. Bergin has been appointed to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2002. Dr. Bergin succeeds R. Michael Wright, AWF's President and CEO for the last seven and one half years. Mr. Wright is leaving AWF to join the MacArthur Foundation to direct its Conservation and Sustainable Development Program.

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AWF & Princeton University Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

  • 11/08/01

In October 2001, the African Wildlife Foundation and Princeton University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MOU is intended to facilitate collaboration of both organizations in research, management and training activities aimed at enhancing the conservation of natural resources and landscapes in Africa. More specifically, the MOU enables AWF and Princeton University to:

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Elephant Poached in Kilimanjaro Heartland

  • 11/01/01

A large bull elephant was poached in the Kilimanjaro Heartland on the foothills of Baash about 15 km from Longido town near the Kenya/Tanzanian border. This tragic event occurred in the Lake Natron Game Controlled Area, within a hunting block of Winget Hunting Safaris. According to local Maasai who reside nearby, on the evening of October 1, 2001, six unknown people were seen, two of whom carried guns. It is believed that these people shot the bull and then extracted its ivory tusks with a power saw.

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